No Doubt The Most Brutal Fight Yet

We wrap up another week with a selection of our editors’ favourite stories and reading recommendations.

As another week draws to a close, our editors once again divert their attention away from the hectic newsdesk with some of their favourite stories from the press this week including the Bollea Vs Gawker Media case and ‘political’ scraps of a feline nature!

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Jonathan Fine kicks off with an interesting contribution from The New Yorker…

When in Doubt – Put it Out?

I have been following the Bollea Vs Gawker Media case avidly through its various stages, because of the complexities it embodies and the multilayered characters involved.

Jonathan Fine Head Of Content Projects
Jonathan Fine
Head Of Content Projects

Terry Bollea, better known as legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, has filed against the unscrupulous publisher for airing a sex tape starring Hogan (unwittingly). After four years he has won a staggering compensation of $140 million, which puts Gawker’s very existence in danger.

Speaking recently with David Remnick at the New Yorker Radio, Gawker’s founder Nick Denton stood up to defend his decision, claiming that the media eco-system should have a room for “an independent spiky journalism”. But to what end? At what price? And how can one seriously state that a celebrity sex tape is “newsworthy”?

The 15 minute-long talk is a telling exchange not only about the Hogan lawsuit (and what drove powerful VC Peter Thiel to bankroll it), but about journalism in an era of “explosion of expression”, as The New Yorker’s editor-in-chief hears from the founder of, now under chapter 11.

Listen to the interview here.

We continue with Simon Golstein’s favourite story of the week…

When Will the Madness End?

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