CFI Financial Group: Building out a global footprint in challenging times

"Empower yourself" - Hisham Mansour, founder of CFI, talks about achieving strong goals amid the current Covid-19 crisis

With a truly global mindset, CFI Financial Group, as one of the most regulated groups globally in its business, has attracted clients from different corners of the world.

“Knowing that you are trading with a regulated firm is one less reason to worry about when you are participating in the financial markets and trading with a truly global broker is an added benefit and a sign of added trust”, said Hisham Mansour, founder and managing director at CFI, in an interview with Finance Magnates.

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CFI Financial Group is a CFDs trading provider with 6 regulated entities around the world, including Cyprus, Beirut, Amman and Dubai.

The company has been around for 22 years and just recently opened a subsidiary in London.

CFI believes in the slogan “empowering yourself”, which is directed at clients but also describes the way its team does things internally.

Mansour noted that it is all about planning, executing and supporting and a “hands on” attitude when it comes to delivering.

CFI’s core values are integrity and reputation, continuous improvement and innovation, as well as a disciplined and a long term conservative approach, according to the firm’s founder.

Covid-19 impact

The current Covid-19 crisis has affected the financial industry immensely this year.

However, given the nature of this business and how the entire process of opening an account and trading has been happening online for years now, the crisis had minimal effect on renewed inflow of clients, according to Mansour.

“In fact, the biggest challenge was the level of readiness that every firm had. Some firms simply complied with regulatory rules and regulations from a broader perspective, acknowledging disaster recovery and backup systems but never really testing or updating them on a regular basis. On the other hand, CFI had a smooth and easy transition when it came to operating remotely as infrastructure has always been a major investment area for CFI’s management”, he said.

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What has really changed during 2020 in his view, is the need to adapt to working remotely. The firm’s clients didn’t see much of a shift as the business has always been mainly online and face to face interactions, if any, were minimum.

“Market volatility was a more dynamic topic and there were some nice opportunities that some investors benefited from. I think going forward, what will happen is that more and more people will realize the importance of having a trading account to seize such opportunities when they arise. Of course they will need a reliable broker to trade with and this is where we want to come in”, Hisham noted.

Educating investors

In terms of further developments CFI continuously seeks to improve its infrastructure and recently has done so across several aspects including the elimination of commissions on CFDs.

It is currently launching several weekly webinars aimed at educating investors and spreading awareness across the general public.

“Webinars have been a great tool that are likely to stay with us for a while and have helped investors who are working from home or felt they have more free time during the Covid-19 outbreak. It’s all about putting that extra time to good use and educationally inclined individuals are putting that effort towards impactful topics such as financial wellbeing”, Mansour said.

Formula E sponsorship

The partnership between CFI and the Nissan E.dams Formula E team is truly a remarkable one, according to Mansour.

“The Nissan E.dams team is one of the most innovative ones in the Formula E series which is a global Motorsport brand and CFI has done its fair share of innovating while being recognized as a global brand within its industry. We truly believe in sustainability and Formula E is a sport synonymous with that”, he said.

The firm initially started with choosing one of the team’s main drivers, Oliver Rowland, as a brand ambassador. Rowland helped advance and embolden CFI’s image, but the company believed a team sponsorship would really create the added value they were looking for.

Mansour noted that their focus has always been on technology, teamwork and sustainability which are the three main elements that support such a powerful and harmonious partnership.

“Furthermore, and in regards to what brought us together, the two parties place significant emphasis on innovation, speed and advanced technology, common shared elements between the Nissan E.dams team and CFI. With that being said, we believe that the motor industry powerhouse will surely help in communicating our message to a global audience”, he concluded.

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