June 2012 CFTC FCM report reveals interesting facts

As every month (almost) CFTC releases some data that is being reported to it by its FCMs (including forex brokers).

As every month (almost) CFTC releases some data that is being reported to it by its FCMs (including forex brokers). From this month we’ll start surveying all brokers who hold ‘retail forex funds’, not just forex brokers per-se as we did up until now. For May 2012 we reported mixed figures, but June 2012 seems to be even more interesting.

  • Total retail forex funds grew by $83 million, mainly attributed to FXCM’s increase of $84 million. FXCM commented that this is due to clients making money and depositing more money.
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  • Peregrine Financial Group (PFG) stopped reporting for obvious reasons.
  • Penson sold its business to Knight Capital Group (parent of Hotspot) and too stopped reporting. In turn Knight Execution and Clearing Services is now reporting the same.
  • OANDA lost about $23 million in client assets.
  • Interactive Brokers, who’ve become the leader of clients profitability in Q2 2012, lost about $9 million.
  • Gain Capital and GFT lead the list of brokers who managed to grow customer assets.


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June 2012June 2012May 2012May 2012changechange
 Net CapitalRetail Forex FundsNet CapitalRetail Forex FundsNet CapitalRetail Forex Funds
ADM INVESTOR SERVICES INC275,200,366107,982270,105,683107,9825,094,6830
ADVANCED MARKETS LLC20,362,708812,97320,410,329701,084-47,621111,889
ALPARI (US) LLC27,819,43716,276,80127,932,20715,302,208-112,770974,593
FOREX CAPITAL MARKETS LLC58,098,494231,616,79242,731,671147,791,62415,366,82383,825,168
FOREX CLUB LLC22,275,2713,630,65823,076,2013,349,961-800,930280,697
FX SOLUTIONS LLC27,260,35417,903,36226,327,00617,463,768933,348439,594
FXDIRECTDEALER LLC26,628,50138,467,56924,931,28640,146,6341,697,215-1,679,065
GAIN CAPITAL GROUP LLC56,721,650103,835,75741,154,509100,130,41915,567,1413,705,338
GLOBAL FUTURES & FOREX LTD70,761,09686,700,10863,862,02685,228,3726,899,0701,471,736
IBFX INC27,266,38071,105,57426,250,08170,209,5621,016,299896,012
INSTITUTIONAL LIQUIDITY LLC21,717,66415,284,30221,918,03814,431,077-200,374853,225
INTERACTIVE BROKERS LLC1,397,619,12829,065,5851,442,062,64537,523,627-44,443,517-8,458,042
KNIGHT EXECUTION AND CLEARING SERVICES93,734,59124,934,437  93,734,59124,934,437
MB TRADING FUTURES INC23,546,47731,909,75123,358,99132,931,920187,486-1,022,169
OANDA CORPORATION144,791,984173,162,133153,489,312196,733,340-8,697,328-23,571,207
RJ OBRIEN ASSOCIATES LLC191,540,1981,990,913194,786,9281,984,070-3,246,7306,843
XPRESSTRADE LLC22,980,0901,030,60822,986,3261,034,923-6,236-4,315
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