US FCM Data May 2012 Mixed Figures

US regulated broker dealers have provided crucial data relating to net capital and net deposits for the month of May.

US regulated broker dealers have provided crucial data relating to net capital and net deposits for the month of May. April 2012 was a disaster as volumes had steep drops due to Easter Holiday and overall negative market sentiment.

Overall FCM’s have had an increase in Net Capital thus giving investors confidence in the firms ability to maintain capital adequacy. On the other hand total retail deposits have declined thus confirming the overall trend in a slowdown in volumes.

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In relation to net deposits Penson have had a drop in over $9 million of funds, Gain Capital and FXCM suffering a decline of $4 million compared to previous month.

All attention is diverted to PFG, a large broker dealer who filed bankruptcy this week after a major accounting back hole was found.

The data would suggest the firm is financially healthy with net capital slightly increased over April and only a small decline in client deposits.

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Post Lehman, OTC markets have faced much scrutiny and the new Dodd Frank rulings, change in US leverage laws and the need for greater transparency should have strengthened the US’s position as a leading financial centre for OTC markets. However the break up of ‘another’ major broker dealer highlights the many risk factors still affecting the OTC market.

Investors will again ask the same question, where are my funds safe?

Data extracted from CFTC website. Forex Magnates carries out extensive research analsyis in FX brokers monthly trade volumes, these can be found exclusively in our quarterly reports.


BrokerAdjusted Net Capital
Total Amount of Retail Forex Obligation

AprMayChange AprMayChange
ADVANCED MARKETS20,388,88620,410,32921,443 747,614701,084-46,530
ALPARI (US)21,059,56927,932,2076,872,638 12,744,09515,302,2082,558,113
FXCM37,300,52242,731,6715,431,149 152,763,756147,791,624-4,972,132
FOREX CLUB22,049,31423,076,2011,026,887 3,260,8763,349,96189,085
FX SOLUTIONS26,479,41526,327,006-152,409 17,835,96317,463,768-372,195
FXDD23,640,22424,931,2861,291,062 39,743,49840,146,634403,136
GAIN CAPITAL49,636,36241,154,509-8,481,853 104,134,362100,130,419-4,003,943
GFT69,468,43863,862,026-5,606,412 87,147,16485,228,372-1,918,792
IBFX, INC25,173,90026,250,0811,076,181 69,133,80470,209,5621,075,758
ILQ21,385,14821,918,038532,890 12,445,03714,431,0771,986,040
MB Trading23,730,63423,358,991-371,643 33,339,35732,931,920-407,437
OANDA131,948,887153,489,31221,540,425 190,370,147196,733,3406,363,193
PENSON117,321,179100,672,571-16,648,608 32,313,31523,179,482-9,133,833
PFG30,703,12731,256,900553,773 33,387,56332,739,674-647,889
RJ OBRIEN184,629,930194,786,92810,156,998 2,058,3241,984,070-74,254
XPRESSTRADE22,987,03922,986,326-713 962,4231,034,92372,500


Totals827,902,574845,144,38217,241,808 792,387,298783,358,118-9,029,180


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