How Community Powered Access to Global Banking Can Harness DeFi

Join EQIFI’s live webinar with Brad Yasar and Jason Blick as they lay the framework for a global DeFi alternative.

EQIFI, a decentralized protocol for pooled lending, borrowing and investing, is setting new standards to establish trustless transactions and driving real-world adoption.

The truth is that digital asset users have become accustomed to the limited options available when it comes to secure custody and banking-level access.

Customers are desperate for professional, secure and convenient digital channels for their day-to-day banking activities worldwide.

Step Forward EQIFI, Powered by EQIBank

Building a global DeFi alternative to deliver access to more products than any other decentralized systems, EQIFI is positioned to become an industry world leader. 

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The live webinar will be held on June 10th at 15:00 London time, hosted by EQIFI’s Chairman Jason Blick and CEO Brad Yasar.

Join Mr. Blick and Mr. Yasar as they dive into the current landscape. Through blockchain technology, EQIFI democratizes access to financial products previously only available to the privileged few.

The webinar will clarify the process in a few easy steps and cover the following aspects:

  • Brad & Jason introduction, and some background on EQIFI & EQIBank
  • The current DeFi landscape, and the potential it presents
  • The issues faced by the current financial system
  • The problems that EQIFI solves
  • The services that EQIFI provides access to
  • Q&A 

Learn more about EQIFI’s presentation and join the conversation by accessing the following webinar link.

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