ActivTrades launches Spread Betting on MT4 and MT5

This may be the first spread betting offering available on Metatrader 5. ActivTrades announced the launch of spread betting on

This may be the first spread betting offering available on Metatrader 5. ActivTrades announced the launch of spread betting on both MT4 and MT5 and this is a significant development for Activatrades and the market. Activtrades’ MT5 spread betting offers instant execution while on MT4 it’s market execution.

Few months ago it was Alpari that became the first large broker to offer spread betting on the Metatrader4 platform. Spread Betting is a simpler way of trading various instruments as you typically only need to select the direction in which the asset is headed – up or down.

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I’ve had the chance to speak to Ricardo Evangelista who is in charge of Spread Betting at Activtrades:

“Spread Betting is a new product at ActivTrades, we started offering it at the beginning of this week.

Spread betting is an easy way of speculating on the financial markets – the stake on the trade is always a number of units, or decimal fraction, of the base currency. This is to say that even if you are trading the Eur/Usd the profits or losses will be calculated in Pounds. Also, we are looking to expand our client base in the UK, to whom spread betting is especially attractive because it is tax free.

MT 4 is a very powerful platform allowing the use of thousands of EA’s for automated spread betting trading and all the Spread Betting development was done in-house.

Spread betting with Activtrades offers the widest range of options on the market. We have 2 platforms available, MT4 & MT5. Also, clients are able to choose between 2 types of execution: Market execution, with no dealing desk or re-quotes; Instant automated execution where the spreads are fixed and there is no slippage on prices.

These are very exciting times for us here at ActivTrades! As you know we’ve just released spread betting. Alongside this new product we started to offer a new platform, MT5 (a step forward for MT4 users with fantastic new features like one click trading and more time frames on the charts, amongst others). Also, we recently released a choice of mobile trading platforms for iPhone, iPad and Android! And, this won’t be all. Watch this space, there’ll be more news in the near future!”

Dear Trader,

ActivTrades is now offering Financial Spread Betting, a tax free* way of trading for UK residents.

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Financial spread betting enables traders to speculate on the movement of financial instruments, by choosing the value (stake) of each point the price moves. You will be able to bet, or enter a trade, backing whatever you think a financial instrument will do next. For each point the market moves, so will your gains or losses by multiples of your stake.

Spread betting with ActivTrades will allow UK residents to speculate on the movement, up or down, of financial instruments, using leverage to trade large positions with a small amount of capital. This will be without the costs, bureaucratic hassles and profit taxation* of traditional trading.

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Kind regards,

Your ActivTrades Team


  • Tax Free Investment*: no profit taxation on spread betting for UK residents
  • No dealing desk, no commission, no hidden fees.
  • Able to choose between 2 platforms, MT4 and MT5
  • Mobile trading for Android, iPhone, iPad and more
  • Able to trade from 10 Pence per point
  • Small deposit required with a leverage of up to 1/400
  • Around the clock customer support

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If you believe a certain financial instrument will rise in value, then you buy aiming to sell back at a higher price. Conversely, if you believe a financial instrument will suffer a fall in its price then you will open your position by selling with the aim of buying back later at a cheaper price.

You decide to trade EUR/USD, anticipating the Euro will appreciate against the Dollar. You will open a trade buying EUR/USD; the price is 1.3000 you select a stake (value per pip the market moves) of £1 per point. Assuming the market moved in the direction you anticipated, once it reached 1.3010 you closed the position. The difference between the opening and closing price would have been 10 pips, and your profit on the trade of £10 (as you had selected a stake of £1 per point).

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