ForexPros reaches 700,000 uniques a month

ForexPros just sent me a press release where they claim to be the world’s leading portal, at least in terms

ForexPros just sent me a press release where they claim to be the world’s leading portal, at least in terms of traffic. I had a glimpse at their Google Analytics and the numbers are right. It seems that ForexPros is growing nicely as only three months ago the network had about 100,000 visits a day, representing a 30% growth.

Let the forex portals war begin!

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ForexPros has become the world’s leading forex portal with almost 130,000 visits per day and over 700,000 unique visitors per month, network wide.

“The September figures firmly position ForexPros as industry leaders. Our aim now is to continue to innovate so that users will continue to find exactly what they are looking for, be it trading tools, analysis or news”, said Michael Kane, Product Manager at “At our current rate of growth we expect to exceed 160,000 visits per day by the years end”.

The ForexPros network, comprised of 16 websites, provides users with broker directories, real-time quotes, and charts as well as daily news and expert analysis on the forex market.

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Recent new additions to the network have included a section on futures indices, displaying real-time data on the world’s major stock exchanges.

The network also offers popular webmaster tools, allowing webmasters to build customized sets of market quotes and charts for their sites.

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Update: Following several complaints in comments and private emails I decided to check their stats myself. Forexpros were kind enough to show me their Google Analytics stats for more than half an hour. Numbers are clean and show a very healthy growth.

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