The ReThink Group Integrates Chasing Returns’ Behavioral Technology Suite

The deal will combine efforts by both groups, focusing on trading challenges and other behavioral features.

Chasing Returns, a provider of behavioral analytics for traders, has tendered a new agreement with The ReThink Group. The ReThink Group will be integrating Chasing Returns’ technology suite into its existing coaching and talent management business. The deal will also entail a future coordinated effort by both groups, focusing on trading challenges and other behavioral features.

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The amalgamation of psychological metrics and trading behaviors is one of the more hotly explored segments currently being invested in. The industry for sentiment-based trading, analytics, and big data represents the next step forward for market participants and venues looking to gain an edge. Subsequently, Chasing Returns’ data science and neuroscience services suite has tapped into this demand, culminating in a new agreement with The ReThink Group.

Harnessing emotions

The new partnership will focus on multiple elements, first seeing the assimilation of Chasing Returns’ technology into its coaching business. By extension, both groups will be pooling their resources to focus on more trading-centric issues, including an emphasis on trader psychology. This includes personal crises in one’s confidence, poor habits, decision-making, and other means.

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Chasing Returns believes that the combination of data science and neuroscience is a game-changer for professional traders. Both groups feel that this segment constitutes an instrumental area of focus, as it seeks to harness traders’ emotions as data with the hopes of developing new edges. Chasing Returns presently utilizes a wide range of statistical analysis in trading data, whilst also analyzing performance habits.

In its inaugural partnership, The ReThink Group will be leaning on its own area of expertise, which currently focuses on coaching, recruitment, and talent management services for businesses.

Ann Hunt

Ann Hunt, Chasing Returns CEO, commented on the partnership: “What you can measure, you can manage. About 60% of success is down to a trader’s personal psychology. Knowing how you behave under certain circumstances brings a new, bespoke edge to a trader. We see more authoritative behavior and increased conviction in professional decision-making.”

“Every hedge fund allocator should be interested in how a manager handles negative as well as positive emotions. What Chasing Returns has achieved is a riveting visualization to evaluate traders’ patterns of psychological strengths and weaknesses before committing funds,” explained EVP and Managing Director of The ReThink Group Bill Long.

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