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Watch: Compliance Guide to Surviving the Tightening of Global Regulation

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Over the next week we will be presenting a series of videos of the speeches and discussions featured at the London Summit 2015. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the summit, or did attend but missed out on a particular session, this is your chance to catch up.

“Regulatory fatigue”


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Increasing numbers of start-ups are looking to enter the market, and to do so, they must be regulated. It is vital for any brokerage to understand the requirements of its chosen jurisdiction, and indeed to choose wisely when deciding which jurisdiction to go for. Sophie Gerber is the director of Sophie Grace Legal Pty Ltd, and is an expert on financial regulation in Australia and New Zealand. She presented a seminar on global regulation in the financial sector.


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Sophie Grace regularly publishes articles in Finance Magnates regarding increasing regulatory requirements and the growing power of regulatory bodies, punishments and fines that regulators have been handing out with ever-increasing frequency, as well as analysis and opinion of the regulatory landscape.

In this session, Sophie discusses how you can get a licence, and how you can keep the one you have. She looks at licensing strategies that can be implemented to protect your business from the wrath of regulators, both in terms of the already regulated and those looking for their first license.

Regulation is easier in some places than others, as different jurisdictions have different requirements, but something in common for all jurisdictions is an increasing level of regulation. Sophie gives us a tour of the regulation world, covering Asia, the US, New Zealand, Russia, the UK, Cyprus, Malta, South Africa, Israel and the Middle East, Africa, as well as the relatively ‘easy’ places such as the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.
This seminar is an essential education in an essential subject.


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