NFA issues a Notice about MF Global; Canadian forex clients have another option now

All the MF Global saga has left us wandering what will happen to accounts of many forex traders. According to

All the MF Global saga has left us wandering what will happen to accounts of many forex traders. According to the latest Forex Magnates survey MF Global processes $20 Billion monthly retail forex volume meaning there it has quite a few retail forex trading customers. MF Global Canada was using FXCM’s Trading Station II and MT4 platforms in a semi White Label way. Since then FXCM managed to partner with Friedberg Direct which will offer its platforms to Canadian clients from now on. This allows MF Canada clients to jump ship and keep using same platform but with a different broker (that is if they are able to extract their funds from MF).

Notice I-11-19    November 07, 2011

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Treatment of Assets Held with MF Global, Inc. and Affiliated Entities

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MF Global Holdings, Ltd, the holding company for MF Global, Inc. and other affiliated entities (MF Entities), filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday, October 31, 2011. As a result, effective Friday, November 4, 2011, certain receivable balances with MF Entities, including commission and security deposit receivables, must be reflected as a non-current / non-allowable asset for regulatory capital reporting purposes. Further, proprietary trading accounts with MF Global, Inc. that are included in a customer segregation account at MF Global, Inc. must be reflected at 60% of the account balance (net liquidating value plus securities on deposit). For dually registered FCM-Broker/Dealers and IBI-Broker/Dealers, please contact your DEA or the SEC for regulatory capital reporting requirements.

In light of the circumstances, NFA is requiring you to answer at a minimum the first question on NFA’s questionnaire,, asking whether your firm has any deposits at MF Global. If your answer is no to the first question you have completed this requirement. If your answer is yes, you must also complete the additional questions regarding the specific balances held at MF Global.

Finally, if your firm has any balances with MF Entities you are also required to submit a pro-forma 1-FR or FOCUS filing as of October 31, 2011 reflecting the capital treatment as disclosed above. This statement is due by November 10, 2011 by 12:00 pm CST.

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