FXCM Stock Price Jumps Over 50% Again Today

As of 11:20 AM EST the NYSE:FXCM share price reached above $19.

The share price of FXCM (NYSE:FXCM) has rallied over 70% this morning on the New York Stock Exchange. As of 11:20 AM Eastern Standard Time the stock has surged over $19. FXCM shares have been doing very well recently, with the price increasing by double digits a number of times.

Considering that the FXCM share price was as low as $5.20 on December 11 2015, the figure has more than trebled in less than three weeks. This leads to a lot of interest and questions on social media and investor forums regarding its performance, however the cause is not yet obvious.

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Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance

Last time we reported that the FXCM stock jumped over 50%, it was after the firm merely reminded shareholders about its intentions going forward. While nothing new has been provided to the market in terms of specific information, the mere mention was enough to force a huge short squeeze in shares of FXCM.

Just a few days later the FXCM stock increased by double digits again, raising over 42% while the Dow Jones dropped 367 that day. One fundamental driver that we thought might be in play, and that may lead to value players still becoming interested in FXCM, was news that BATS Global Markets has filed intentions to go public. With their $365 million acquisition of Hotspot FX from KCG earlier in the year, the IPO filing provided more clarity on that deal. With FXCM putting its 35% stake of FastMatch, a Hotspot rival, on the market to cover a portion of its Leucadia debt, the BATS filing provides more clarity on valuations.

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