FXCM launches a mobile version of DailyFX

Dailyfx is one of the largest and most successful Forex portals on the web. It is also the most effective

Dailyfx is one of the largest and most successful Forex portals on the web. It is also the most effective marketing channel for FXCM and surely brings it plenty of customers every month. Alexa ranks Dailyfx at the 7,346th place with fxstreet at 8,619th place and fx360 far behind at 41,508th place. In fact it’s the 2nd most visited Forex portal after forexfactory.

Starting today Dailyfx can be accessed via mobiles (iPhones and Blackberries) at: http://mobile.dailyfx.com/

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Update: Screen shot attached.

can’t afford don’t own any of these handsets so I won’t be able to tell how well it works, but I’m sure it’s as sleek as the website itself.

FXCM isn’t the only broker with its own content website – GFT’s www.fx360.com is an impressive website as well, but I don’t think it’ll ever get as much traffic as Dailyfx. I also think that the costs of keeping Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg will never pay out for GFT – people who read these sites don’t really look for the most accurate reviews, what they look for is plenty of fresh content every day whether it’s accurate or not and Dailyfx offers much more than just currencies overview with signals and social networking.

And this, my friends, is a lesson in cheap and effective marketing:

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Launching mobile version of Dailyfx is not going to increase FXCM’s revenues directly but what it’s going to do is increase user stickiness to its websites and content, resulting in less marketing efforts and expenses.

Achieving same results with PPC or banners will result in marketing budget higher by tens or even hundreds of percents than what it is now.

Next step would probably be to launch an educational department just like thinkorswim’s (maybe FXCM should buy it as is) in order to create one big Forex eco-system.



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