CFTC Chairman Gensler talks about the OTC clearinghouses

Is he preparing ground for a US regulated Forex exchange (CME maybe?) ? I’m quoting: “One of the lessons learned

Is he preparing ground for a US regulated Forex exchange (CME maybe?) ?

I’m quoting:

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“One of the lessons learned from last year’s crisis is the financial system can sometimes concentrate and heighten risk. Another lesson is that some institutions had gotten so interconnected that their failure would pose great risk to the economy at large. Today, trades mostly remain on the books of large complex financial institutions, which internalize the volatile risks of their positions. This means that any financial firm is connected with literally thousands of counterparties located in every sector of our economy and in every state in our nation. This left an untenable decision for the government last year. That is why it is so important to move those transactions off the balance sheets and books of those financial institutions.

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That’s where a clearinghouse comes in. A clearinghouse stands between two counterparties in an over-the-counter derivative transaction to take on the risk of default by one of the counterparties. All OTC transactions, where possible, should be required to be cleared by robustly regulated central counterparties. Many of the institutions that currently keep trades on their books simultaneously engage in many other businesses – lending, underwriting, asset management, securities, proprietary trading and deposit-taking. Clearinghouses, on the other hand, are solely in the business of clearing trades and managing the associated risk. To reduce systemic risk, it is critical that we move all standard swaps off the books of large financial institutions and into well-regulated clearinghouses.”

Full document below:

CFTC Gensler talks about OTC clearinghouses

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