ACM Gold expands to Nigeria with a new local office and a trading floor

ACM Gold just announced that it opened an office in Nigeria which signals a very interesting move for this unique

ACM Gold just announced that it opened an office in Nigeria which signals a very interesting move for this unique broker – it operates mostly through local offices and branches rather than online marketing. By doing this ACM is able to generate better market position in those jurisdictions where online marketing is not as prevalent as in US or Europe. Nigerian clients specifically require more personal touch and attention – hence ACM opened not only an office for support but also a trading floor. Trading floor model allows anyone to come and trade whether they have equipment and experience or not, thus generating new forex clients instead of competing for existing ones.

ACM Gold is making rounds in Africa by quietly opening dozens of local offices and trading floors in a continent where local presence and personal relationships matter more than anything else. Africa is often overlooked by most brokers because their online marketing methods fail to work there and opening local offices is something they are reluctant to do due to various limitations and regulations. Those that are capable to operate in a ‘out of the box’ way gain access to what may be the biggest overlooked market in the world.

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I caught up with ACM’s management who were thrilled to discuss this latest development.

Rashad Hussain, former Global Head of Marketing at Alpari, One Financial and ODL Securities which later became FXCM, is now the Director of ACM Gold and responsible for the global expansion and he had the following to say, ‘it’s been an interesting move from the city, a completely different suburban surrounding, traditional online and offline marketing rules do not apply here and we have adapted to our clients needs and reached out to them.

I think the biggest thing, not only in Africa, but the world is that most of the time, traders are effectively paying a ‘website’, at most a phone call to a human, but very rarely actually meeting them or talking to them or finding out what their needs and requirements are, most of the time many traders want to trade but cannot, due to simple reasons which we have overcome for them. Having worked in that surrounding myself for these past years I’ve learnt that people want more, and what better way to overcome that bridge by taking forex to them eliminating that bridge to cross… We have in a short space of time built a team which are on the ground in locations now and establishing these Trading Floors – watch this space.

‘We have also built relationships with Pan-African banking organisations to cater for nearly African country and built strategic relationships in these countries to launch these floors, offering free internet and training support.’

Irfan Pardesi, CEO of ACM Gold who is stationed in South Africa, commented “Exciting times ahead for us, we are reshaping the way forex business is being done, and the response has been tremendous we are looking out for the needs of the client first and then tailoring our product around them instead of the conventional way of ‘here’s a platform now you can trade’.

Hina Kassam, also Director of ACM Gold who manages operations globally commented “We are committed to the growth of our industry and our clients, we appreciate that the market is not like it was a year ago or two years ago, and change is important, its not about how loud you are anymore but rather how close you are to the trader which makes it important, and whether you have the ability to listen to their trading requirements – which we do.

ACM Gold Nigeria is an Exclusive and Certified Partner of ACM Gold, which is regulated and authorised, alongside memberships with the Financial Services Commission, Financial Services Board and Global Board of Trade.

ACM Gold is a world leader in online forex and Commodity trading, offering a wide array of products and instruments to trade from, established in 2007 and regulated in Mauritius, ACM Gold has grown throughout Africa and the world with offices and partner offices ranging from west to east, commercial hub for ACM Gold is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

ACM Gold proudly announces its launch in Nigeria with its main office and training floor in Ikeja, Centage Plaza on Allen Avenue, Lagos and Biadou Street, Ikoyi, Lagos. Recently appointed Chairman, Mr Ayoleke Adu, CFA who also is the CEO of Morgan Capital in Lagos. “I am proud to be associated with a world class brand and leading financial trading institution like ACM Gold, our presence in Nigeria is testament to our commitment to growth within our country, we have launched our operations and have also initiated our FREE educational programs to empower our people with an alternative future investment path, we are committed to providing true trading to Nigeria and making it accessible for everyone, from Lagos to every other commercial city in Nigeria we will aim to set up relations and offices very soon”

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ACM Gold has come in with a bang, nearly every street, paper and word of mouth is talking about one thing – Naija’s Got Forex! So what really is this? ACM Gold have come in and instantly have created this magnetism with traders, investors and common people. Speaking to Mr Rashad Hussain, a UK National who has been in the financial sector for several years and a well known entity within financial trading had the following to say:

“Naija’s Got Forex! – it has, happy to be here and more proud that in a short space of time we have not only opened our training floor in Ikeja, but our offices in Ikoyi and currently in negotiations with other offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt amongst a few, for too long I feel Nigeria has had to play into a monopoly of ‘take it or leave it’ trading, we are here to break that hold and expand through Nigeria and provide real forex and commodity trading to the masses, our commitment to the Nigerian market has made us invest heavily into Educational programs, eliminating the price tag that often others charge to be able to learn that there is an alternative investment market out there, which happens to be worth $4 Trillion a day, and can be accessed from minimal amounts.

In Lagos alone, the normally priced 50,000 Naira training session is being given free to about 100 people a day, have you enrolled? Leaders in training have been recruited for this and sessions WERE running from 11am till 4pm until we realised that we HAD to change this from 8am to 9pm to cater for those interested, I’m happy and excited about the responses being achieved..

I am also very proud to announce our launching inauguration event at the 10 Degrees Exhibition Centre, Ikeja where we will be not only conducting our FREE Educational Programs and giving away 100% Bonus on accounts, it is exciting times we have our esteemed friends from various institutions and organisations from around Nigeria joining us in this momentous event.

Nigeria and Nigerians are born analysts, smart, tactile and analytical – yet this energy and skill has not been made available to the common man / woman till now, trading has had this inert tagging associated with it that it requires millions to start with – it doesn’t, our Training floor over the last two weeks has seen up to 100 people attending a day, and that’s without any form of advertising, from students, housewives, business owners looking for the additional revenue stream to professional brokerage houses and executives.

I trust that you will join me in this history changing event, we will be taking seminars across the country, but if you happen to be in Lagos on the 16th of November 2011 then do come along and see how Wall St comes to Broad St, where we will teach, train and give 100% Bonuses, that’s a $1 for a $1 to everyone that walks through the door to get them training and trading, Affiliates and Introducing Brokers welcome, our network throughout Nigeria is expanding through each state on a daily basis..

Naija’s Got Forex – Thanks for listening”

ACM Gold is creating a stir, Mr Sidney James who is their Head of Client Services and Partnerships has also now arrived in Lagos to implement the 24 hour support desk and meet the many Partners and establish this growing network, talking him earlier: “Exciting times, Nigeria is one of the fastest growing economies not just in Africa but the World, we are seeing enquiries from all over the country and I am here to assist my colleagues including Mr Daniel Ademoh, Head of Investments to ensure that we forge the right partnerships which will benefit everyone from the trader to the partner”

ACM Gold, a frenzy in finance, bold and making it very aware to the masses that they are here and here to stay, this really is exciting times, it seems ACM Gold has managed to eliminate the strict, stern and harsh attitude towards finance and made it a friendlier place, there’s not many training places which doesn’t require a tie and a suit, friendly faces and a nicer approach to it all.

In the local market they have collaborated with GT Bank, Zenith Bank and ECO Bank to make funding easier for local clients.

Full details about the seminar, bonus details, terms and registrations to educational programs can be found at:

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