Citi VP of FX Prime Brokerage Michael Mirarchi Joins ATC Brokers Ltd as CEO for UK Launch

Owners of Avail Trading Corp (ATC) operating in Forex and Futures markets as an IB in the US, had just

ATCLeaving a multi-billion dollar public company to join a smaller private firm that may be on the up-and-up is not always an easy choice but can be rewarding if the timing and conditions are right.

The latest such executive move occurred for Michael Mirarchi, previously Vice President of Citi’s FX Prime Brokerage division, who has since left his post at the bank to join the newly FCA-regulated broker, ATC Brokers UK Ltd.

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Newly Regulated FCA firm of the NFA Registered-IB  ATC brand

The firm appears under common interest/ownership with the senior management behind the NFA regulated Avail Trading Corp (dba ATC Brokers) in the US, based in California.

Mr. David Manoukian, one of the co-founders of the US entity – is also listed with UK entity (as Director) according to information on the UK FCA financial service register –  under the name ATC Brokers UK Ltd – which has just received authorization effective August 30, 2013.

Interestingly, while ATC Brokers’ US business operates under the regulatory license of an Introducing Broker (IB), under Avail Trading Corp (dba ATC Brokers), since 2005, its registration with the FCA (through  the separate entity) can be viewed as an evolutionary step from IB (for the US) to broker (in the UK) where it is able to hold and control client money (in the FCA entity-not the US one).

UK Business Availed along with New CEO, and UK Website to Follow

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Forex Magnates’ reporters reached out to the UK-listed phone number which redirected to a US staffed trade desk covering the European session, and was explained how while there is only website offering at the moment serving its customers  – a new website for the UK entity will be launched as well.

After less than a month having joined as CEO, according to a description in a public LinkedIn profile for Mr. Mirarchi, and the recent approval of the UK entity’s FCA status, it will be interesting to see what progress is made for the new regulatory hub under the company’s brand name.

Regulatory Track Record in US,  Helps Lay Groundwork for UK Obligations

With the approval of UK FCA, and experience as a regulated NFA IB for almost a decade, it appears that ATC could be well poised to grow its new venture in Europe, as the allure of non-US traders appeals to US-based brokers, and assuming that the firm already has a significant portion of its book of clients outside of the US to justify new direction.

Either way, the experience in running a sophisticated IB business (with white-labeled and branded platforms) more like a broker than as an IB – looks to have helped lay the ground work for the evolution of the brand’s regulatory license additions.

This news follows the small fine for $10,000 by the NFA over a complaint in 2011 related to allegations in NFA’s September 11, 2012 complaint, in connection with ATC’s solicitation from ILQ to participate in a proprietary price feed concept.

According to the case document, during this time ATC had introduced one customer, whose account only had three mini-lots traded that resulted in a loss of $8.33, and ATC had voluntarily terminated the test with ILQ promptly after inquiry by NFA staff in August 2011, and subsequently denied the allegations NFA alleged in their response posted on the NFA website, related to Pure Ventures/ ILQ, and then came to a settlement with the regulator (on October 23, 2012) agreeing to the fine.

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