NewsBTC Launches New Website, Unveiling Wide Range of Widgets & Tools

NewsBTC is rolling out new tools and website features throughout January

Heading into 2018, the cryptocurrency industry only looks to grow, with peaking demand for crypto news, market trends, and streaming coin prices. Perhaps no company has been more strategically positioned during this period to meet this demand than NewsBTC, which has seen its capabilities and coverage swell during much of the past year.

As popularity in cryptocurrencies continues to rise to all-time highs, NewsBTC is staying ahead of the curve yet again with a new website relaunch. As such, the group is deploying a series of new widgets, chart, and website features that will be released throughout January, building on it growing coverage of the hottest segment of the financial services industry.

2017 in review

NewsBTC has positioned itself to take advantage of the crypto boom with a wide range of internal developments and key hires during 2017. Recognizing the potential of crypto long in advance, the group’s increased cooperation with FX brokers and the retail industry proved to be an instrumental stroke back in October.

Jonathan Millet, CEO of NewsBTC commented on the string of company developments, “This year has been an outstanding year for NewsBTC. We have built an outstanding editorial team to cover the crypto market. We have increased our audience by more than 200 percent.”

Furthermore, NewsBTC also launched two key partnerships with both Fintechist and FxPips in Q2, helping broaden the scope of its crypto coverage. The company has also consistently been reinforced by marquee talent, including the addition of Carolina May and Eddy Travia as strategic advisors to the group, which have already paid dividends.

New website poised to take NewsBTC to new heights in 2018

While NewsBTC has already ironed out a key niche in the crypto space, the group is looking to stay ahead of other venues by continuing to improve its site with a vast array of new features. This includes many new widgets, pages, price alerts, and streaming data.

Jonathan Millet, CEO, NewsBTC

“Now the time has come to work on design, technology, new widgets an usability and we are proud to launch what we believe is the next generation of tools for all investors, analysts, ICO companies and any person or company interested in this revolutionary market,” Mr. Millet added.

In particular, the freshly unveiled NewsBTC website now several new charts. Ever wonder which coins were the biggest movers of the day? NewsBTC is now your one-stop source for this information, featuring a widget outlining the best and worst performing coins of the day in real time.

Additionally, the site will focus on a full list of 100 coins and tokens, combined with customizable filters based on volume, gainers, and losers. Upwards of 100 coins will support full pages with coin details as well, constituting the largest coverage available.

Are you in the market for the next big ICO? Users can be up-to-date on the next big ICO with a retooled interface outlining all upcoming token sales, a dividend calendar for ICOs, and a versatile event widget. To date, a lack of aggregating capabilities across the market has handicapped ICO investors, leading NewsBTC to provide this data in the most cohesive manner possible.

Other widgets also touch on several useful elements that users can explore in more detail. This includes casino and broker mining utilities, multicoin price conversations, crypto airdrop alert, Fibonacci, crypto profit and margin calculators, as well as pivot point utilities, tools that will be incorporated within the next weeks.

Both new and existing users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with NewsBTC’s new website to better take advantage of all the new features. Heading into 2018, NewsBTC has quickly become the de-facto destination for all crypto aficionados.

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