NewsBTC Strengthens Personnel as Demand from FX Brokers Grows

The group has brought in a number of veteran analysts and other business developers per a new expansion.

NewsBTC has unveiled its broadest expansion to date, expanding its qualified team of personnel to meet a steadfast industry demand in the FX and crypto space. Consequently, the cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused media company has bolstered its FX focus, bringing in several marquee hires, including veteran journalists, business developers and financial analysts.

While the group’s emphasis has been on cryptocurrency markets with both Bitcoin and Ethereum trading at all-time highs in recent months, FX brokers have increasingly followed suit, looking to NewsBTC for their advertising needs. As such, several existing FX brokers and traditional financial venues offering cryptocurrency services also stand to benefit from NewsBTC’s recent expansion.

The latest personnel expansion should pay the most immediate dividends for FX brokers and cryptocurrency providers, which can now take advantage of the most comprehensive advertising packages at NewsBTC to date.

This includes bolstered advertising yields and opportunities at NewsBTC for new and existing FX brokers and crypto providers, effectively touching on a broad suite of asset classes. Consequently, NewsBTC is strategically positioned to benefit from a growing demand for cryptocurrency products from retail brokerages, many of which also offer FX related services.

Crypto-craze fueling advertising demand

Indeed, NewsBTC’s penchant for crypto-coverage has been a timely addition to the industry, which has seen brokerages warm to digital currencies en masse and fortify their offerings accordingly. As retail traders continue to see the benefits of secure and transparent cryptocurrency trading, this segment stands to grow even further, prompting a wider focus and demand for advertising platforms and media partners.

As one of the integral cryptocurrency-focused media companies in the industry, NewsBTC boasts a strong connection to the sector itself. This includes exclusive relationships and a strong familiarity with the space’s leading players across major bitcoin and blockchain companies. Furthermore, NewsBTC has played a central role in working with myriad blockchain projects conducting initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Jonathan Millet, CEO, NewsBTC

The rollout of a stronger commitment towards the cryptocurrency space follows on the heels of NewsBTC’s existing emphasis on the retail FX industry. For the past five years, the group has offered competitive and widely beneficial banner advertisement placements, interviews, sponsored articles, videos, and written reviews.

Subsequently, NewsBTC has seen its viewership rise substantially over this period as traders, investors, and other users have gravitated towards the platform. “The latest ICO boom has added fuel to the entire crypto industry, which includes viewership in the News Vertical. We are working to ensure we give out quality media coverage as cryptocurrency trading goes mainstream with FX brokerages,” explained Jonathan Millet, CEO of NewsBTC.

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