Portfolio Managers Afforded Further Choice With Integral's New InvestorFX System

Solutions provider Integral, a company synonymous with multi-sided trading network FXGrid, has developed a currency trading system for investment managers.

Solutions provider Integral, a company synonymous with multi-sided trading network FXGrid, has developed a currency trading system for investment managers.

Launched under the designation of InvestorFX, the system is a fully automated and complete solution which according to Integral delivers on the three aspects that are of utmost importance to investment managers when it comes to their currency trading needs, combining best execution and optimal netting with unparalleled operational efficiency.

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These three factors are:

Optimal Netting: InvestorFX offers a choice of netting plans to suit different needs. All relevant details are displayed in an easy to navigate interface, putting the investment manager in control. After reviewing their options, investment managers select and execute their preferred netting plan, all within their application.

Best Execution: Integral’s execution management system and liquidity aggregation platform provides deep liquidity and best prices. Built-in algorithmic capabilities support executing large trades across multiple liquidity providers and their price tiers. Because Integral is a neutral technology provider, users trade in the knowledge that they always get best execution.

Process Automation: Users manage the entire process from their desktops. Every step from importing a trade list to allocating currencies back into funds is automated and seamlessly integrated. This delivers great time savings and dramatically increases efficiency.

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In congruence with all of Integral’s offerings, InvestorFX is a service delivered in the cloud, hosted by Integral. Users can go live quickly without having to set up, own or operate any costly IT infrastructure or install any software.

“When speaking to many of the world’s most sophisticated investment managers, we confirmed that the currency trading solutions available to them leave much to be desired,” said Vikas Srivastava, Managing Director and Head of Business Development at Integral Development Corporation.

“We recognized that there is a better solution and made a significant investment to set a new standard for fairness and inefficiency in netting as well as process automation. InvestorFX is a simple and elegant solution that eliminates the need to compromise.”

“We pride ourselves of having increased transparency in FX markets by putting freedom of choice, control and access to the full market into the hands of our customers,” said Harpal Sandhu, Integral’s CEO.

“This strategy has proven to be very successful for the many FX banks and brokers who run their businesses on FX Grid. We are looking forward to continuing this strategy with investment managers by putting best execution, optimal netting and superb operational efficiencies at their fingertips. They won’t have to make compromises any longer.”

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