iFX EXPO Heralds Launch of World's First Professional Live Networking Platform

As the iFX EXPO in Macau's schedule is well underway, Elinor Kalina has launched the world's first professional live networking

The Asia-Pacific region has long been heralded as a haven of technological advancement, with the events underway at today’s iFX EXPO in Macau proving no exception.

In addition to engaging attendees and delegates with a discussion panel this morning during which senior FX industry executives debated what they consider to be the next technological trend to take the FX industry by storm, an innovative and unique live mobile networking platform was launched under the designation of Mingler.

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ScreenShot004Speaking from the iFX EXPO with regard to the ethos behind the launch of the new product, Forex Magnates explained that, “It is what we all wish we had every time we plan a business trip, simply a snapshot of all the business going on in any destination including people, events, jobs… You name it!”.

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Mingler was presented on stage during the FMOH Ventures innovative products session. “A conference cannot be the only way to engage face to face – we’re here to create the next level of networking – one which we all deserve. You can see what’s around you – colleagues, new potential leads, you can introduce yourself to someone when you know you’re coming to their home base, or RSVP to an event which you heard about by seeing it appear on a colleague’s feed,” Forex Magnates team added.

In terms of reception by delegates, the platform’s full dashboard of business opportunities certainly struck a cord with the conference guests, who were messaging and introducing themselves to each other on the application for the entire duration of the morning, including some who sought to take it to heart: “I wanted to add you to my personal network on Mingler but you haven’t approved yet – does this mean you don’t want to do business with me?” one user jokingly asked another.

Sheding some light on an exciting feature now in development, Forex Magnates stated that, “We’re also working on adding individual tags and collective tags, so that next time you attend the iFXExpo, you’ll be able to, with 1 click of a button, tag EVERYONE with this title so that next time you see them – you’ll remember why they’re familiar.”

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