FCMs report for March 2012 shows increase in US forex assets

Total amount of retail forex obligations for all reporting US brokers (except Citi, IB, etc) grew by more than $22

Total amount of retail forex obligations for all reporting US brokers (except Citi, IB, etc) grew by more than $22 million. Despite the unprecedented low volatility this growth is not surprising: client assets pile up because clients are not trading and not losing money. This formula however isn’t perfect – while Q1 2012 volatility was very low clients’ profitability actually decreased.

OANDA’s client assets increased by $15 million and FXCM added $4 million while Tradestation and GFT lost about $1.2 million each.

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MB Trading’s numbers were reported accurately however CFTC still didn’t amend the error from February – last month it reported MB’s capital as if being just $3 million which is clearly wrong.


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Adjusted Net Capital   Total Amount of Retail Forex Obligation  
 Feb 2012Mar 2012change Feb 2012Mar 2012change
ADVANCED MARKETS 20,514,94020,447,107(67,833)  1,744,3991,062,416(681,983)
ALPARI (US) 26,494,18224,137,708(2,356,474)  10,150,72710,785,751635,024
FXCM 70,970,14655,176,630(15,793,516)  150,874,105154,883,6634,009,558
FOREX CLUB 22,280,35422,247,374(32,980)  2,929,0123,055,925126,913
FX SOLUTIONS 34,112,31930,750,773(3,361,546)  17,371,31418,293,758922,444
FXDD 27,752,36826,216,219(1,536,149)  37,577,23638,509,797932,561
GAIN CAPITAL 49,702,41052,401,6072,699,197  104,454,746104,696,531241,785
GFT 78,757,39973,334,915(5,422,484)  86,471,01285,260,204(1,210,808)
ILQ 22,057,97221,378,421(679,551)  10,839,36212,238,6511,399,289
MB Trading 3,531,86423,161,70319,629,839  33,090,11233,217,071126,959
OANDA 140,526,582131,735,615(8,790,967)  166,551,287181,326,50714,775,220
PENSON 103,472,532119,103,33715,630,805  32,122,02432,176,47254,448
PFG 31,267,26330,114,931(1,152,332)  31,084,40833,989,4722,905,064
RJ OBRIEN 198,224,186201,906,3353,682,149  2,347,4682,087,589(259,879)
TRADESTATION/IBFX 24,223,70325,395,1241,171,421  69,370,70768,037,420(1,333,287)
XPRESSTRADE 23,016,85822,997,526(19,332)  1,411,4931,307,017(104,476)
Totals 876,905,078 880,505,325 3,600,247  758,389,412 780,928,244 22,538,832
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