Retail Bond Trading – the next big financial market?

Two new websites focused on Bonds, Annuities, Fixed Income investing have been recently launched. The entrepreneur behind this ambitious project is an experienced financial

Two new websites focused on Bonds, Annuities, & Fixed Income investing have been recently launched. The entrepreneur behind this ambitious project is an experienced financial executive – Marc Prosser. Marc has been FXCM’s Chief Marketing Officer since its inception during which FXCM propelled into being world’s first public forex broker and subsequently world’s largest forex broker by volume.

While bond trading until now was considered a business for large or institutional investors Marc sees a massive opportunity to introduce retail traders to this market. There’s little to none educational and research content available to private investors and this is the gap Learn Bonds (education portal) and Bond Moves (trading portal) are trying to bridge. It seems Marc is trying to establish a full eco-system of bond trading here from education to actual trading information and research.

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This is an interesting new niche no doubt and hopefully it’ll grow rapidly soon.

Learn Bonds ( and Bond Moves ( had formal launches in February. Learn Bonds focuses on investor education. The site is designed as a resource for investors interested in bonds, annuities, and interest bearing bank products. Bond Moves focuses on providing trade ideas and market commentary. The site aggregates content on bond ETFs, interest rate futures, and individual bonds.

“There are a number of great resources for stock investors and options traders, however, there are few if any quality websites for those that want to invest in bonds or fixed income products,” said Marc Prosser. Marc Prosser is the founder of Learn bonds and Bond Moves.

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“Learn Bonds enables a person considering putting money in a long-term CD to research potential alternative investments like a Municipal bond or fixed annuity. We generally will not be providing specific trading ideas, but want to help people decide what type of investment meets their needs,” said Prosser. Learn Bonds will publish 5 – 10 articles of original content per week. The site also contains a 21 lesson course called Bond Basics.

When asked why the site covers all types of annuities instead of fixed annuities which resemble CDs, Prosser responded, “Annuities are extremely complicated and very nuanced. If we just covered traditional fixed and MYIG annuities, a reader might assume that the same information applied to variable annuities. We thought that our readers would be best served by covering the entire spectrum.”

Whereas Learn Bonds assumes no previous knowledge of finance, Bond Moves assumes that its audience already actively trades. The site makes it more convenient to find market analysis on liquid fixed income products. Ever trading day, the site will publish 7 – 10 articles with fundamental and technical commentary, including intra-day reports. Sources range from independent traders to a major futures exchange.

“Before Bond Moves, a trader would have to visit 7 websites to access the same information. Bond Moves serves two functions: To save the bond trader time and to help traders discover hard new quality sources of trade ideas. We expect the site be very popular among Bond ETF traders.”

Marc Prosser has a track record of launching successful financial services sites. Mr. Prosser served as Publisher of DailyFX, one of the largest forex news and analysis sites in world. “I am proud of what I accomplished at DailyFX which greatly improved the forex trading experience. With Learn Bonds and Bond Moves, I hope to change the way fixed income products are researched.

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