FXCM launches a revamped DailyFX.com portal

FXCM has just announced that the new version of its flagship Forex news and tools portal – DailyFX.com – has

dailyfxlogoFXCM has just announced that the new version of its flagship Forex news and tools portal – DailyFX.com – has been released.

Featuring improved navigation and a much more intuitive interface DailyFX.com is one of the leading Forex news portals on the web serving over 7 million page views a month. It is certainly the leading broker-owned Forex portal with GFT’s fx360.com being far behind.

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The new DailyFX.com offers Mobile Alerts sent directly to you mobile phone, Rollover Calendar letting you know about upcoming rollovers and Pivot Point Calculator which shows support and resistance levels based on several popular mathematical models, for several time frames.

A new killer feature in my opinion is the Trading the News LIVE where an analyst will answer questions and give up-to-the-minute commentary on news events as they happen. This feature in a way is rivalling the ever so popular trading rooms where mentors guide traders on trading style and trading decisions. With this new feature (hopefully FXCM will expand this service even further) some training costs paid by newbie traders can be saved.

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It is interesting to see how the three largest forex portals are rivalling each other. To the best of my knowledge DailyFX, fxstreet and forexfactory are the three leading portals with many other portals lacking crucial content, tools and features. dailyfx is the only “corporate” portal in this short list and for now fxstreet and forexfactory remain independent. I argued that this may not last for long but many people have disagreed with this point of view.

It is also interesting to see that despite FXCM being one of the largest Forex brokers it still puts a massive amount of cash and effort into content innovation. With around 30 original news pieces published a day and wide set of tools, this attracts a large audience to FXCM with what I believe to be lower costs than pure marketing such as Adwords or banners.

Read the full PR here: http://www.dailyfx.com/forex/fundamental/article/special_report/2009-10-19-1918-DailyFX_com_Re_launches_Web_Site_.html

View the video tour of the new site here: http://www.dailyfx.com/forex/video/guest_commentary/2009-10-19-1910-Tour_the_New_DailyFX_Site.html

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