Tendermint Labs Director Zaki Manian Resigns

He will still contribute to the Cosmos blockchain.

Zaki Manian, director of Tendermint Labs, has stepped down from his position, having headed the development of Cosmos blockchain.

Reported by Decrypt on Tuesday, Manin will continue to contribute to the blockchain project.

Cosmos is one of the hyped decentralized projects as it is attempting to create the “Internet of Blockchains.” The project raised $17 million in 2017 in a public token sale in a mere 29 minutes.

Power struggle

Manian’s resignation from the project was fueled by an ongoing battle between him and Jae Kwon, the founder and CEO of the blockchain startup. The spat between the two became public earlier this month as Manian accused Kwon of mismanagement.

Per the Decrypt report, Manian also threatened before to leave with a bulk of his engineering if Kwon does not resign from his post of CEO.

He also accused Kwon of “religious discrimination, loyalty tests, and abusive rants,” in the project’s internal communication channel.

“There are people inside the company that want to portray this as a power struggle between me and Jae, and this as an outcome and me threatening x, y, and z,” Manian told the publication. “But it was really me saying I don’t see a way in this arrangement to get the work done. And the best way to get the work done was for me to leave.”

However, it is still unclear if any developers from the project followed Manian out. The publication also pointed out that at the beginning of this month, Tendermint Labs had 60 employees.

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