OptionsClick – Louis Von Dyke, Senior Partner

Forex Magnates Directory Interview with OptionsClicks -Senior Partner - Louis Von Dyke

Forex Magnates Directory Interview with OptionsClicks -Senior Partner – Louis Von Dyke

What is OptionsClick all about as a company?

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OptionsClick is a unique platform offering web based binary options and Forex trading. Our aim is to simplify trading, improve performance, increase the speed of trading, and improve profitability for online traders, binary options traders,and Forex traders.

Why should people trade binary options as opposed to Forex?

In Forex, one is generally trading in large blocks of the selected currency and making this purchase on margin. This risk to profit factor makes trading extremely sensitive and generally unavailable to most traders. On the OptionsClick platform, there is no requirement to purchase the currency in hand, use margins or make trades with enormous quantity of product. On our platform, traders decide how much they wish to trade with, and clearly see the return on investment should the asset expire in the direction predicted by the trader. Its far easier, less risky, open to virtually any trader of any skill or budget level, and certainly offers more opportunity to profit.

Is binary options trading closer to Forex or to gaming?

Binary options is certainly not gaming. Traders are making calculated decisions on the assets of their choice, and know their potential returns before placing their trade. And unlike gaming, traders also have options they may choose to exercise during a trade such as ‘early closure’, ‘roll over’, etc. which allow them to end, postpone, or alter certain trades post trade and pre expiry. Because traders have so much control over their trades, use the same assets and currency pairs offered as they would in a traditional Forex trade, it is definitely a Forex based product.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

OptionsClick offers dozens of trade packages, loyalty rewards, and customized programs based on each traders needs and skill level. As far as we know, no other platform offers the vast array of support, programs, or individualized attention. Our service and features will always be a top priority and will only improve and expand with time.

How are all of your industry awards affecting you as a brand?

We are humbly honored for our industry recognitions. I believe that we hold some of the industry’s most coveted awards. ‘Most Trusted Binary Options Broker’, ‘Best Binary Options Broker’, ‘Fastest Growing Binary Options Broker (Europe)’ and ‘Best Customer Service’.  Surprisingly we get callsfrom traders all the time asking about our awards. It gives traders a   sense of calm to know that they are dealing with a professional brand, that their money is secure and most importantly, our success means that our traders are profitable.

Do you believe in offering bonuses and promotions?

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Bonuses are traditionally offered in the gaming industry. We urge traders to be very careful when accepting offers that seem too good to be true. Rather than bonuses, we offer traders cash back programs, insurance, free trades and increased returns based on individual needs and skills. Most of our ‘extras’ are non-published and require traders to request what they need or want. This allows for the best performance improvements and more importantly, complete trust between trader and operator.

How would you reassure our readers that may be a little nervous about getting involved with binary options trading?

Start with a budget. Then divide your budget into 2 or 3 deposits, or one larger deposit divided into three phases of trading. Start trading with small amounts at first and with comfortable assets that you recognize. As you learn to incorporate news, headlines, financial reports, etc. into your pre trade routine, you’ll find that by the end of stage 3 you’re turning a profit. Many times this occurs even sooner. We always warn traders that coming in fast and furious is not the way to go. If you‘re new to binary options, you want to stretch your dollar as far as possible to gain the necessary experience to really thrive. You don’t want to go bust on your first few trades. Each trader has a personal and designated Account Manager who is always available to help analyze your performance, make suggestions and help you any time.

What are some of your favorite trading features?

My two favorite features are ‘Early Closure’ and ‘Roll Over’. Both allow traders a great deal of flexibility while trading. For example, if a trader sees that their trade may end out of the money, they can choose to close the trader early and cut their losses, or roll over the trade to another future trade. These new options have increased trader profitably and satisfaction tremendously.

What type of traders do you cater for?

We focus our products to appeal to online traders, Forex traders and binary options traders. Our platform is designed to be utilized by traders of any skill level and we are available to assist traders to maximize their experience in every way.

What advice would you give new traders?

I would tell new traders that the opportunity to trade, understand the world of trading and most importantly to profit is here for you to take advantage of. Once you get the hang of it, supplementing existing income or creating an entirely new source of regular income is very possible. Just take the time to learn, practice and ask questions. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. And again, our staff is available anytime to help you on your journey.

What do you personally trade?

I myself am partial to currencies such as the USD, EUR and JPY. I find that they are in the news the most often and are affected by headlines thorough out the world on an almost hourly basis. This makes the assets very vulnerable to movement and I find that assets with a lot of movement are ripe for profits. I like reading, listening and understanding world events and news, so it’s become fairly easy for me to take that knowledge with me to make good trading decisions. In fact, we have learned so much from the correlation between headlines and trading that we’ve begun our own news site (blog.optionsclick.com) and we plan on expanding on this in the coming months.

Does OptionsClick have any exciting plans in the near future?

Yes we do. But you’ll have to check back with us regularly to see what they are. We are working hard to become the industry standard professionally, ethically, technologically and plan to stay there for quite some time. Over the next few months you’ll see a lot of changes at OptionsClick, all aimed to improve profitability for our traders.

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