TRADOLOGIC – CEO – Ilan Tzorya

TRADOLOGIC is a binary option platform provider, considered as the leader in the Binary industry.

State your name, company name and position please:

Ilan Tzorya

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Founder & CEO

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Best Financial Innovation

Please go into detail about the Company, its market segment and recent developments:

TRADOLOGIC is a binary option platform provider, considered as the leader in the Binary industry.

We recently developed Super turbo trading where the expiration time of the assets is can be as short as 15 sec, 30 sec and 54 sec. TRADOLOGIC also recently launched the upgraded mobile solutions Mobix 2.0. The biggest innovation of the company is TRADINATOR – a land-based gaming terminal that was introduced in the beginning of the year.

Moreover, TRADOLOGIC owns patents over several of our trading tools and features. Our software is in full compliance with regulations. The company is constantly expanding; we are pursuing a truly ambitious strategy for global expansion. So far TRADOLOGIC has branches in UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, employing more than 200 people.

We are providing our partners with a wide variety of products including trading interfaces (skins), option types, trading tools, advanced features and many more.

How did you arrive at your current position, and what expertise do you offer the Forex Industry:

We offer a simple User experience that FOREX companies can use to increase their potential client pool and increase their existing clients’ value. We are constantly developing new products and diversifying our offering so that our solutions meet the needs of all partners.

Please elaborate on your industry experience, and what you have achieved since being appointed CEO.

We managed to offer the innovative and stable technology that our clients need; we deliver products that the broker’s clients really like and can trust.

Why should current graduates or people looking for a job in Forex consider working for your company?

People like to be involved with something new and innovative – something that has just entered the market. We develop products that make the financial trading simple and give everyone the ability to trade. TRADOLOGIC is fostering a corporate culture that attracts and retains professionals in their fields. We promote the most effective managerial practices which sustain a stimulating and thriving working environment for our employees. In a rapidly changing financial and regulatory environment, our team focus on delivering innovation and quality that puts our clients at the front of the binary options industry.

What are your present issues and challenges and what is your plan to steer the company through them successfully?

Our challenge is to keep our leading position on the market and to help our clients lead the markets they operate in by providing them with stable and reliable products and the support they need.

As industry is well known to be highly competitive, what means do you use to survive and to excel in such a fast and sometimes harsh environment (except for collaboration with Forex Magnates Directory of course ;)?

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We focus on providing the best products as we believe that after a while only the best product will survive. Also we support and assist our clients as much as we can, they are the engine of TRADOLOGIC and they are who made TRADOLOGIC what it is. We are carefully choosing our clients/partners and allocating resource to help them.

Does your company focus on the domestic market or does it have a global presence?

We have a strategy for global expansion and we strive to increase our presence worldwide through our offices in UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. We are currently focused on the Asian market with products being developed specifically for this region. However, Europe is also very important for us.

What is your company’s plan for the next two years? Please detail any expansions, technological developments, mergers/acquisitions or proposed entries into new markets.

We plan to develop a variety of trading interfaces for a wide spectrum of end users and constantly improve and optimize our management system that gives our clients advantages against other Binary brokers.

Is branding important, and what is your corporate view on it?

Branding is important, but the Product itself is a much more important element; some of our competitors are good at branding and marketing but in the end the clients demand good products and services, and that’s what makes us the best.

What is your prediction for the coming years of the Forex industry as a whole?

End User will look for new user experience, FOREX companies’ managers will look to increase their revenues, and both of them will come to the Binary industry.

Do you think that the forex industry is transparent enough and that most companies including yours pay enough attention to due diligence?

We do pay enough attention to due diligence and we must because we just raised capital and we are facing the IPO, but lot of other companies do not.

Do you read Forex Magnates Quarterly report?

Yes, every quarter, and I also try to read the website once every 2-3 days.

What’s your view on the Forex/social network phenomenon? A good way to further the business with much lower costs, or a potential regulatory hazard should it be deemed financial advice by regulators?

I think it is a good idea; we are also developing this product.

I personally think that to do it under a regulator will be ridiculous, the same way as asking people that give advice on health forums to become doctors.

Are you using social media channels to create greater exposure and increase trader lifespan?

The online social media is a part of the industry, we are currently working on that, both our clients and we must use social media channels.

To allow us to get to know you a bit better, let us know something that interests you, and what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

Work – sorry I’m known as a workaholic and I like it.

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