UTIP Platform Now Supporting Chinese Quotes

The new quotes offering will help attract Chinese traders and expand brokers' clientele in the region.

There is a new quotes package for traders from Asia that is available on UTIP’s innovative platform. The package now includes the most popular quotes in China, tapping into one of the largest markets available.

With additional quotes package brokers will look to attract Chinese traders for whom these instruments are casual and easy to work with. The support is a game changer for clients in the region, given the demand for these quotes.

To choose instruments that are popular and in high demand, UTIP’s developers have performed extensive research of the Asian currencies market. Following lengthy research, UTIP determined a list of the most popular currencies and cross-courses that are now available.

At the research time following data was used included the following:

  1. Needs of current UTIP brokers
  2. All existing quotes on Asian market
  3. List of the biggest Chinese companies on the stock exchange

After the list of tools and cross rates was compiled, the developers conducted a study and selected the best quality sources of quotations.

Selection criteria for a source of quotations

  • Reliability
  • Presence of all tickers
  • Correct schedules and archive of quotations
  • Continuous data feed

The main data source is identified, but at the same time, UTIP specialists are looking for alternative options to enhance the reliability of the information provided.

Formed package of tickers in the UTIP platform

Now in the UTIP trading platform 92 tickers are displayed from the Chinese stock exchanges. The full package includes:

  • 64 CFD of Chinese company quotes
  • 1 non-traded index Hang Seng 50
  • 3 quotes of Asian currencies versus the dollar (Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar).
  • 24 cross-courses — Asian currencies (Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar) between themselves and to popular currencies CAD, GBP, NZD, JPY, EUR, CHF, AUD.

A package of Chinese tickers is available in the trading terminal, so traders can trade them along with other Forex instruments and cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about the UTIP trading platform and quotes output on the provider’s website.

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