User Review: A Look at ParagonEX Dynamic’s Services Suite

The end-to-end integration comprehensive price analysis, use of algorithmic trading applications, and copy trading

ParagonEX Dynamic continues to see an evolution of its platform and services suite. With a growing portfolio featuring superior quality products and services, clients have access to one of the most versatile and tailor-made solutions to date.

The group is defined by its highly versatile integration to customizable features and tools that suit all companies. Users can harness the highly popular MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, allowing for trading in forex, stocks, futures and contracts-for-difference (CFDs).

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The company’s complete end-to-end integration includes more than just superior tools but also comprehensive price analysis, use of algorithmic trading applications, and copy trading.

Moreover, integration with Affiliate networks and Payment providers are also important elements on offer at ParagonEX Dynamic.

Emphasis on fintech

ParagonEX Dynamic leads the way in fintech innovation. As a dedicated provider, the group offers access to an advanced WebTrader option.

In particular, this includes a progressive trading platform, which is engineered for both novice and veteran traders.

By extension, the ParagonEX Dynamic also has designed a solution curated specifically for beginners. Simple Trader offers unparalleled ease of use as a fully functional trading platform.

The platform also allows for one of the most user-friendly interfaces to date, specifically for financial trading in the industry.

Additionally, users also are able to leverage advanced social trading features, allowing for copy trading by some of the world’s most successful investors. This includes the ability to track records as well as a leaderboard function.

All-in-one CRM

In addition to its suite of fintech products, ParagonEX Dynamic also offers its users the ability to tap into its all-in-one CRM. Users are afforded full control in tandem with high availability of core trading business by deploying advanced CRM software.

Different built-in enhancements are also aimed at delivering user-friendly enterprise environment whilst adhering to the industry best practices. Transparency and compliance are cornerstones of ParagonEX Dynamic, even amidst shifting regulations.

All your crypto needs solved

One of ParagonEX’s most dynamic and newest solutions is it’s CryptoPay module. CryptoPay is a technological solution that bridges various crypto changes and payment service providers.

With full support of different crypto balances, end users can also deposit and trade in crypto as well as purchase crypto as investment with buy to hold functionality.

Users are also eligible to engage in a transparent P2P execution venue model to buy or sell crypto assets.

Furthermore, traders can also keep up to date with ParagonEX Dynamic’s Crypto feed. The group has developed a revolutionary and super precise algorithm which delivers you volume weighted average prices of crypto assets.

ParagonEX’s product owners and specialists are constantly improving the back-end and front-end features. As an evolving platform, user feedback and data are extremely important and has helped improve flow as well as mitigating any malfunctions or delays.

ParagonEX also has distinguished itself for its strong emphasis on customer care. This is reflective in the company employing a dedicated account management and technical support team.

The group’s mission is to bring additional value to any and all one-off requests to greatly enhancing ongoing operations at all levels and locations.

About ParagonEx Dynamic

ParagonEX Dynamic is a fintech technology provider and superior end-to-end trading solution for the business owners. As a reliable software provider ParagonEX Dynamic’s mission is to guarantee a flawless experience with countless opportunities to increase your profitability.

With a fast and flexible API it can be easily integrated into an operator’s existing system, decreasing the time of implementation. Contact ParagonEX Dynamic at +44 800 096 5789 or get in touch via email as well as the following link for details about their products and services.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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