Trader’s Room Offers Brokerages Functional Solutions, New Integration Capabilities

Trader’s Room enables businesses to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, offering a tailor made solution

B2Broker is a recognized provider of technology solutions for brokers that helps increase and optimize business operations whilst ultimately boosting profitability. One of the extensive range of innovative solutions available is Trader’s Room, a ready-made, fully customizable solution aimed at the effective functioning of your brokerage which can be implemented in a 2 week period.

Trader’s Room offers more than just a standard traders room that many brokers are already accustomed to. It is more akin to a platform with cross integration and cross APIs. Hence, you can perform a variety of functions such as registration, account opening, processing of deposits and withdrawals and transferring of funds between accounts. Among the key highlights of Trader’s Room are the numerous integration capabilities.

Trading Platforms

B2Broker has integrated the industry’s most popular trading platforms including MT4, MT5, B2Trader, and CTrader which can be connected in just a few hours. It is also possible to add any other trading platform through the API as per a client’s specific requirements.

Payment Systems

Trader’s Room is already integrated with over 20 different payment systems including B2BinPay, Neteller and Skrill where a client’s customers will be able to deposit, withdraw and store their money. Other PSPs can be added on request.


KYC is an important process for any broker and exchange. In this respect, B2Broker offers ready integration with the leading global KYC providers (iSignthis & IdentityMind) which is available free of charge.


As far as making the right investment decisions is concerned, trading tool analytics are extremely important. B2Broker has therefore integrated the industry’s leading providers of analytical services (TSI Analytics & Claws & Horns) and is able to integrate any other provider required via API.

Customer Support 

Providing quality customer service is the key part for a brokerage’s success, hence leading chat providers and ticket systems are provided to enable businesses to service their clients promptly. We already integrated with ZenDesk and Kayako.


Security is a top priority for B2Broker. To this end, the company has conducted numerous vulnerability tests and in excess of 1,000 attempts to hack into its solutions without success. B2Broker can therefore guarantee a secure, hack-free operation and fault tolerance. Also included is 2FA/two factor authentication, multi-level data backup, encryption and 24/7 technical support.

Built-in Exchanger

Another useful feature is the built-in exchanger. This is  a web interface for crypto-crypto/fiat-crypto exchange which allows businesses to provide their clients with the opportunity to convert any currency into any currency, either crypto-crypto or fiat-crypto and vice versa.

Trader’s Room additionally incorporates B2BinPay, the company’s leading cryptocurrency payment gateway, for depositing e-wallet client cryptocurrency.

Affiliate Module

In addition, Trader’s Room includes an affiliate module that makes it possible to register partnership accounts while enabling them to create referral links for each product, get detailed reports on customers, pay rebates and calculate withdrawal compensations.

Partners are able to use links and banners pre-configured by their account manager and client conversion statistics are also available. A selection of referral/IB program are on offer including lots (trading volume), revenue share by percentage of commissions or pips/percentages of markups.

Cloud Hosting

Finally, B2Broker has deployed cloud network infrastructure on the super fast Amazon servers and configured GEO DNS around the world, making it possible for businesses to instantly load their services from anywhere across the world.

A Professional Business Operation

Trader’s Room provides everything you need for the effective functioning of your brokerage. Reap the benefits of a professionally-run operation and watch your business excel! B2Broker can launch your own customised Trader’s Room within a 2 week period. Request yours today!

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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