The Key to Standing Out in Today’s Financial Markets

First product differentiation, then product diversification.

The evolution of the Foreign Exchange market has been phenomenal, starting from how the industry worked using voice-brokers, telexes, and faxes, to the way digital advancements aided the Forex industry’s transparency, liquidity, and client accessibility on a larger, global scale.

Looking back over the past 15 years, regardless of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/08 and of course the pandemic of 2020, an increasing number of online brokers have appeared on the scene, wanting to be part of this highly liquid, opportunistic market that it is today.

These brokers range from those that are regulated through on-shore and off-shore jurisdictions, to ones that promote their services without any regulatory oversight.

Keeping that in mind, setting up an online brokerage firm that will not only survive in this market but thrive, requires a comprehensive product offering be made available to traders and investors underpinned by robust regulation, along with a range of additional services such as functional trading platforms that are easy to navigate, advanced tools for traders, and responsive customer support.

Enhancing these quantitative and qualitative aspects, modern brokers should also ensure they offer reliable trading conditions, security of funds and a variation of account types with features designed to suit a range of traders’ requirements.

Most importantly though, it is product differentiation and product diversification that will enable a newly established broker to stand out from what has become a crowded landscape.

With this increase in competition, it is vital to show client commitment, trustworthiness, and credibility, by differentiation and diversification.

Production differentiation allows traders and investors to access new markets and therefore new opportunities not previously available through many of the dealing platforms.

By supplementing this differentiation with product diversification, traders and investors can reduce market risks by appropriating exposures and investments across a range of financial instruments, ensuring they are not “putting all their eggs in one basket”.

Sheer Markets is an excellent example of a well-regulated institution that differentiates its trading products from any other broker in the market by including retail NDF CFDs to their product range, which until now have not been readily available through the traditional trading platforms.

NDFs allow retail traders and investors an opportunity to enter new investment potential via the MT4 and MT5 platforms in previously unavailable emerging market currencies such as the Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee, and Korean Won.

In identifying this market gap, Sheer Markets believes that NDFs are on the brink of significant evolution and development to the retail trading and investing community.

With trending volatility, continuing globalisation and cross border investing, NDF volumes, which have increased massively at an institutional level, are set to grow exponentially at the retail end of the market.

While Sheer Markets is one of the first regulated online brokers to provide streaming retail NDF CFDs, in keeping with a product diversification approach, they also offer in excess of 1,400 CFD trading instruments, including FX, EMFX, indices, commodities, cryptos, and stocks.

With traders looking for new investment opportunities with investment diversification options, the Sheer Markets product range presents a broader scope of liquid markets geared towards the retail investor.

In addition to their retail offering, Sheer Markets’ product suite is relevant and competitive for a range of institutional and corporate clients wishing to access new markets and diversify their product range.

Sheer Markets is standing out in today’s financial market as a result of its unique and diverse product offering.

For more on Sheer Markets’ diverse product offering, check out their website here.

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