The Bitbon System Offers Infrastructure for Smart Investments

The new Bitbon fundraising platform from Simcord offers investments secured by smart contracts and a legal framework.

There is no shortage of investment opportunities nowadays, but not all of them are equally safe and profitable. Traditional financial instruments are not readily accessible by private investors with relatively small capital. High entry barriers, non-transparent asset management, numerous fraud cases and red tape make them less attractive for the general investment public.

Meanwhile, crypto currency-related investments are riddled with regulatory problems and legal issues. The overwhelming majority of the projects tend to solve regulatory problems by changing jurisdictions instead of bringing their activity into compliance with regulatory requirements. As a consequence, their investors are unprotected and deprived of a secure legal framework.

Simcord LLC, a company with an extensive background in the IT industry, has introduced the Bitbon System to address these challenges. The platform offers an innovative approach to safe investing and a complete product with the regulatory and infrastructural components necessary to guarantee that every contract within the System has a proper legal status.

The Bitbon platform is multi-functional and flexible: due to the blockchain technologies implemented in the System, the Participants can use it to borrow and lend assets, and even to transfer property rights to assets directly, without any third party involved. Smart contracts make all data within the platform reliable and immutable.

The Bitbon System provides secure and transparent fundraising and collective investment opportunities that fully comply with all legislative requirements. Business projects use the Initial Business Offering or IBO to initiate the fundraising process. However, all offers undergo a strict multi-level verification process to exclude non-compliant and unreliable projects. They are audited by Bitup-agencies to ensure maximum legality and responsibility.

Bitbon is one of the keycomponents of the System. This is a derivative financial instrument, backed by assets from the real economy and tradable on crypto exchanges. The Bitbon System Participants will need Bitbons to buy Projectbons, which are similar to traditional shares and entitle their holders to receive a share of the profit generated by the projects within the System.

In short, the Bitbon System offers excellent opportunities both for startups and investors looking for attractive projects. It helps to integrate traditional business into the digital economy by offering the best of both worlds.

Simcord, the international IT-company behind the project, develops and promotes blockchain-based software solutions for the financial industry. It strives to take the functionality of its products to a whole new level and to expand blockchain ecosystems to various segments of business and economy.

Bitbon System Crowdsale Details

The Bitbon System crowdsale started on June 16. It will last until October 10, 2018. The total supply of ERC-20 Bitbons is limited to 100 million, and only 70 million of them are available for sale. The soft cap of $50 million has already been reached, while the hard cap is set at $400 million.

If you are interested in this project, you can visit the official website of the Bitbon System or subscribe on Facebook or Twitter to receive further updates.

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