Separating Yourself From the Pack in a Mature FX Industry

INFLYX's Marios Antoniou outlines the group's inception and strategic positioning in a highly competitive market

The forex industry has been on a tear for the past couple of years and like every booming sector, it has gradually reached a point of maturity. When this maturation happens, that’s when participants of the industry start to separate themselves in terms of product quality, innovation and service.

A few days ago, Finance Magnates interviewed Marios Antoniou, the Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer of INFLYX, a leading liquidity provider, to discuss how INFLYX came into existence. In addition, he outlined how the group has positioned itself in this highly competitive market and what the future holds for them.

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Please tell us a bit about yourself and your role in the company

Currently I wear two hats, one of Executive Director and one of Chief Risk Officer for INFLYX, mainly managing the Liquidity offering for the company. My experience mainly comes from the banking sector, having worked in the Liquidity & Market Risk Management department of major banks.

That helped me understand the structure, minutia, and intricacies of how institutional liquidity works.

What is INFLYX?

In a nutshell, INFLYX is a liquidity, risk management and white label solutions provider connected to Tier 1 liquidity.

What do you think sets you apart from competition? What’s your unique selling point?

Having surveyed the landscape and current state of the market, we felt there was a gaping hole in the way liquidity providers conducted business. Transparency is the main one for us, as we believe the client needs to be aware and informed about the way we operate at all times.

INFLYX’s main liquidity offering comes with a dedication and commitment of detailed reporting and client-oriented services.

Apart from liquidity, INFLYX takes pride in its tailored-made risk management solutions and its ability to manage and handle clients’ dealing desks. Our team’s diversity and varying experience allows us to take on a wide range of clients, from beginners to well established brokers.

What are your goals for the company? Where do you see it in the next couple of years?

We want to make INFLYX an international player and attract clients from all over the world. We really believe in our product and the level of detail attached to our service and we honestly feel we have a lot to offer to clients of different sizes and territories. We’ll never stop improving our offering and trying to expand the type of clientele that we serve.

What do you think about the current state of the industry?

The new regulation, MiFID II along with recent ESMA leverage restrictions shook both the industry and the brokers at their core. It’s definitely a challenging time for our sector which is why operational transparency is even more important.

INFLYX will be attending the iFX Expo in Hong Kong on 22-24 of January. If you’re at the expo, make sure you stop by booth #94 as Marios and the rest of the INFLYX team would love to see you in person, chat and answer any questions you might have.

For more information about the range of products and services provided by INFLYX, visit their website at

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