SAE ICO Offers Eco-Friendly Solution for Cryptocurrency Mining

SAE takes mining to the Swiss Alps to minimize carbon footprints and decrease mining energy costs.

Cryptocurrency mining has proved an energy-intensive process, with power consumption growing steadily in the past couple of years, according to Digiconomist statistics. Currently, Bitcoin mining requires about 71 TWh per year, which is more than half the annual power usage in the Netherlands. As these data do not take into account altcoins, the real damage to the environment is much higher.

Various environmental groups often criticize cryptocurrency supporters for the energy-intensive nature of mining, forcing the community to search for solutions. As the industry struggles to reduce its carbon footprint, Swiss Alps Energy (SAE) has come up with the idea to utilize thousands of idle buildings in the Swiss Alps to fix the energy-related problems of the mining community.

Due to the high altitudes, the boiling point of water is much lower in the Alps, which allows conserving energy and saving up to 50% on electricity costs.

SAE has created innovative modular mining structures with eco-friendly characteristics. They can be installed in abandoned buildings scattered high in the Swiss Alps. The systems are easily assembled on-site from prefabricated dust-protected modules, which allows deploying advanced mining facilities with cutting-edge automation and flexibility.

Due to the low external temperatures, the mining equipment cools naturally, while SAE’s ground-breaking Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology can recycle the heat generated during the mining process to produce energy.

SAE harnessing artificial intelligence

SAE’s mining structures (Swiss Alps Mining cubes, or SAM) are available for purchase or rent with a projected investment return of over 360% in three years of operation. Besides the mining systems, the company offers the SAM Smart Mining service, or SamaiX©.

Based on artificial intelligence technologies, the solution is used to identify the most profitable coins by tracking the mining results of users connected to the system. SamaiX© supplies them with recommendations and helps them make informed decisions, but it is not entirely autonomous – it is up to the miner to decide whether to discard the proposal or accept it.

Switzerland is experienced in water power engineering. Hydropower is a cost-effective and reliable source of renewable energy that can be successfully used for cryptocurrency mining purposes. SAE aims to create a decentralized power supply system for its mining facilities by purchasing small hydropower plants.

A high level of automation is possible due to the combination of blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts IoT devices, thus allowing a significant reduction in maintenance and administrative costs. The system will track the amount of energy consumed and calculate the amounts due based on input data obtained from intelligent power meters.

SAE ICO details

The team has successfully passed the pre-sale stage and moved on to its public ICO, which is live at the moment.  The total supply of SAM tokens is 311 million, with 68% of them available for sale.  Investors can purchase tokens with BTC and ETH at the exchange rate of 1 SAM = $0.80.

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