Mirocana Technologies Transforming Financial Approaches

Capital management departments in banks all over the world are beginning to use AI

More and more financial companies are turning to machines to do the work that people have been doing for decades. While individuals still play a huge role in the economic processes, this field is constantly changing. Today’s trading experts are sure that active asset management requires non-stopping innovation to stay ahead, and people are just beginning to understand how technologies will transform existing approaches.

Capital management departments in banks all over the world are beginning to use artificial intelligence (AI). It’s not just simple math based on algorithms and risks like it was before. Now huge amounts of data come into consideration. Not only current situations, but also trend, goals, forecasts, and dynamics.

Mirocana pioneering new innovation

The position of financial advisors in the trading world is poised to change as well. Now their knowledge is used in building new systems that will be able to predict any kind of financial deals. The advisors summon all kinds the tips that help talented developers to generate the models.

One of such innovative systems built with the help of top-rated advisors is Mirocana. It is able to analyze huge amounts of financial data for forecasting financial markets. In addition to its analogs, Mirocana is available to everyone with an eight-month free trial.

Mirocana is an advanced technological system based on AI and neural networks, which successfully predicts stock, currency and crypto-currency markets, using macroeconomic and financial indicators. The system learns the best and worst sides of each trader by calculating the level of trader’s importance. It also follows funds, price levels, chart patterns, correlations, blog posts, news articles, and tweets.

Unrivaled accuracy

New simulations and strategies are constantly added to the system to perfect the accuracy of predictions. The project is aimed at constantly improving its quality of forecasts and is endowed not only by talented developers, data scientists, analysts and financial experts, but also the best and brightest minds in the field of data analysis to work together on Mirocana.

All people involved in the development will receive their awards in the MIRO tokens. Anyone with programming skills can participate in the development, testing, and evaluation of new strategies. Prospective investors and individuals interested in the project can explore the group’s whitepaper by accessing the following link.


An individual risk-based plan is created for every user based on return goals. You choose the annual income rate that you would like to receive. The higher the rate, the higher the risk. In particular, there are three simple investment analysis products for the holder of Mirocana tokens:

  • The product for Stock Market offers predictions for over 400 companies that are traded on such stock exchanges as NYSE and NASDAQ. This product is designed for managing large funds
  • The Crypto-Currency one offers predictions of 90 crypto coins that are traded on the Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and many other exchanges

Mirocana’s team believes that transparency and security are the key-points of the project. Customers’ funds are not taken to Mirocana accounts. The product helps traders to manage their funds on their accounts without any rights to withdraw or transfer the assets.

Mirocana AI products are available for everyone who owns MIRA coins. At the moment the project is at the active stage of Token Sale and Mirocana has already raised more than $1M – this helps lend weight and stability to the project and fosters trustworthiness.

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