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Trader’s Room, a ready-made functional solution for brokerages, has evolved with a series of upgrades since installing the first version back in 2014. Multiple modules and outstanding functionality in the latest version provide the ultimate operational experience for a broker’s clients.

B2Broker is an established liquidity and technology provider offering a range of solutions to help brokers and exchanges improve their operational performance by implementing proven solutions to help them realise their full potential.

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Trader’s Room is one such solution and is the main platform of any financial company that deals with clients. Trader’s Room allows brokers to verify and register customers according to the norms of any regulations, accept and send payments, make deposits and withdrawals, open accounts on trading platforms, as well as a wide range of other tasks.

B2Broker, Trader's Room
The first version of Trader’s Room


Trader’s Room is one of B2Broker’s flagship products. In 2014, the company installed the first version, followed by a major upgrade in 2018 which amongst other features, introduced an affiliate module for traders, improved analytics and accelerated the migration process. Trader’s Room has since been implemented by over 70 brokerages across the world.

B2Broker, Trader's Room
Trader’s Room version 2.0

Fast forward to June 2019, and B2Broker has just released the third version of the Trader’s Room, kicking off the process by upgrading its first client in just 30 minutes to the new version which includes:

  • New Interface
  • 15 Integrated PSPs (new PSP can be integrated at our client’s request)
  • IB Module for Brokers
  • IB Module for Exchanges
  • Client Verification Module

With functionality that goes way beyond a standard traders room, Trader’s Room outperforms rival software in the market by organising the work of forex brokers and crypto exchanges with a back office for employees and administrators, providing a front-end for traders and an IB-module for affiliates.

More About Trader’s Room V3

B2Broker’s Trader’s Room is the ideal platform for your individual or corporate clients and your back-office team and thanks to the latest product enhancements in version 3, a broker’s management, accounting, client liaison and compliance staff can now benefit from one of the most recognised and in-demand solutions available in the market.

B2Broker, Trader's Room
Trader’s Room version 3.0

Multiple modules and outstanding functionality ensure all your requirements are covered. Trader’s Room v3 is a highly customisable solution that ticks all the boxes:

  • Traders can register, deposit and withdraw in just 2 clicks
  • Virtual web-wallets are already integrated with marginal trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4/5 and cTrader. Virtual web-wallet includes (USD, EUR, JPY etc.)
  • 2 types of 2FA: Google authenticator and SMS confirmation
  • KYC Module: API integration with any external KYC provider. (IdentityMind, iSignthis, etc.)
  • Reporting on all exchange transactions, such as Buy and Sell orders, monthly or per transaction
  • Integration with any fiat PSP company including the top 15 PSPs such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, B2BinPay, E-payments, AliPay, WeChatPay, Qiwi and Yandex money
  • Administrative panel for employees to manage clients, verification documents and cashflow
  • Exchanger, a quick way for Brokers’ clients to access a simple exchange transaction quickly and simply via Crypto to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat directly to their wallets with a simple transaction.
  • Access internal transfers from wallet to wallet, wallet to platform and platform to wallet
  • Brokers can take control of their interface by hosting their own User Interface via our Angular Interface to manage and change existing layouts.
  • Multiple Languages
  • IB/Referral module

Two of the main standout features listed are the KYC and Introducing Broker (IB) modules.

KYC Module

Each client who purchases our Trader’s Room solution can benefit from integrating the IdentityMind KYC module. This module is very simple to integrate and clients can request the number of verification steps they need, as well as customising them in accordance with their requirements.

With automated document verification, there is no longer any need to investigate every single document, eliminating the need for a compliance department when you already have an automated system in place to do it.

IB Module

An IB Module is the most effective marketing tool available on the market and is one of the main reasons cited by clients for choosing Trader’s Room over other solutions on the market.

With this module, as your business grows, your audience grows in parallel, without your direct involvement allowing you to concentrate on other operational aspects.

Our IB Module works in different ways; the rebates calculation can be based on lots (your invitee trades lots – you get %/lot), markups (your invitee trades on the marked up spread – you get a % on the markup) and commissions (your invitee trades and pays commissions for trading – you get a % from the commission paid).

Rebates can currently be calculated daily, weekly or monthly, with a real-time IB calculation module in the pipeline.

  • Multilevel up to 30 levels
  • IB accounts can be nominated in any fiat/crypto currency
  • Reporting system on rewards and transactions
  • Statistics of referral activity: number of visits and registrations

In conclusion, it is a fact that nowadays, every type of financial company can be considered a digital bank, making a Trader’s Room the face of every financial company. This is what your clients see while working with you and is the place where your employees operate with clients.

B2Broker’s Trader’s Room is not only highly-customisable, but an efficient, high-performance system which your clients will thank you for choosing.

B2Broker, Trader's Room
Trader’s Room version 3.0

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