Garlicoin – The Next Doge

Garlicoin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency, forked and modified from Litecoin.

We want to see cryptocurrency taking over FIAT. To do that, cryptocurrency should never be scary so that it can achieve mass adoption. 

Dogecoin has previously managed to make crypto a friendly domain. 

The popular doge meme and the low price encouraged crypto enthusiasts to hold on to a coin for the first time. And nowadays, they are on track for the first meme coin getting to $1. 

But there is only so much Dogecoin can achieve. 

With the support of its community, Dogecoin managed to hit a market cap of $94 billion for an all-time high of $0.7376.

The power of memes is strong with this one. But truth be told, even when it hits a dollar, the Dogecoin is bound to go through a massive reversal. 

There is a lot of speculation there, and the price is anything but stable. 

Additionally, there are 129,952,951,776 DOGE on the market, with an inflation of 5 billion a year.

In short, there is not much room for growth in Dogecoin’s case.

Where Garlicoin comes in

Garlic doesn’t combine only with bread. It goes well in crypto too.

That’s Garlicoin, the perfect alternative for Doge, bringing in all the puns about garlic you could think of and more.

With a max supply of 69 million, a market cap of $7 million, a price fighting its way above 10 cents, and enough garlic you could become a vampire hunter, Garlicoin comes as the next people’s cryptocurrency.

Garlicoin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency, forked and modified from Litecoin. It is ASIC resistant and thought out to encourage the development of a fair and truly decentralized mining network. 

Everything about it is easy. The wallet can be set up in a few minutes from the main website, and the mining can be done with a CPU or with a GPU, especially from Nvidia. 

Garlicoin – so tasty, yet undervalued

The Garlicoin project kicked off in January 2018, soon after Reddit user DigitalizedOrange published a post titled “If this post gets 30,000 upvotes, I will make a garlic bread cryptocurrency called Garlicoin.”

The post had been published on December 25, 2017, and by January 2, 2018, the first Garlicoin specific commit was pushed.

By January 28, Garlicoin had reached $4.29. Unfortunately, the bear ate the garlic.

But, as we can see on Reddit, the community has been backing up the project the whole time; and now is coming even stronger producing high-quality memes, driving the price up. 

Nowadays Dogecoin community is trying to reach 1 USD for 1 DOGE. That means it needs to reach a market cap of at least $129.95 billion. Right now, it hovers around $43 billion with a price of $0.33. 

They need $87 billion to reach their goal asap. And truth be told, the true winners of this goal will only be the early birds. Those people will have at least 1000X gains while the others will merely get 2X – 3X at best.

At the same time, due to the transparency of the development team, Garlicoin attracted some truly talented developers from all over the world. So from here on out, the project can only go up.

Garlicoin is a truly decentralized project, being centralized in only one way – by focusing all of its attention on the community and its members. 

And besides its strong tokenomics and fantastic community, Garlicoin harnesses the will of the meme gods whose breath smells of garlic.

So, with a market cap of $7 million and a price of 0.1 dollars, Garlicoin can easily skyrocket with its community’s help.

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