Exchanging Gift Cards to Crypto, Bitcoin’s Adoption Going Mainstream

Enabling people to buy cryptocurrencies with gift cards will, for sure, open a new market for the crypto industry.

With the recent growing interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies overall, more people got curious about the industry that they were very sceptical about few years back.

A recent trend that was confirmed by the crypto community is that they started to receive questions about cryptocurrencies from friends, and even parents and family.

The historical growth in Bitcoin price together with the interest showing from very well-known public figures made it very hard to not notice the potential of the blockchain technology even for the ones who doubted it the most years back.

Is Bitcoin ready for the mainstream adoption?

Despite the substantial interest in cryptocurrencies, buying Bitcoin is still not the easiest task and the user experience differs a lot from the normal online shopping due to the regulations that crypto companies are following.

Moreover, even if you will stomach the user experience because you really want to buy Bitcoin, the options of buying will be limited compared to any other online shop.

Few crypto companies understood the huge barrier to attract the mainstream and they developed much more friendly user experience together with versatile options of buying Bitcoin including exchanging any gift card to crypto.

Exchanging gift cards to cryptocurrencies, the future of mainstream adoption

Gift cards market grew enormously the last decade and it became accessible for everyone around the world even in the less developed countries were acquiring Euro and USD is a big hassle.

Enabling people to buy cryptocurrencies with gift cards will, for sure, open a new market for the crypto industry.

Crypto Voucher is one of the pioneer companies in bridging the gift cards market with the crypto industry, they recently launched a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can exchange any gift card for various cryptocurrencies.

With its very simple and clear user experience we believe that their marketplace will play an instrumental role in the crypto adoption.

Will the possibility of buying Bitcoin with gift cards moon the Bitcoin’s price?

If the last months chart of Bitcoin has taught us any one thing, it is that the Bitcoin price is no longer influenced by the interest of the mainstream, but by the interest of financial institutions, traditional investors, and traders.

In order to make an impact on the price the mainstream interest in crypto should grow enormously in an environment where the big investors wont also use media to control the people’s opinion about cryptocurrencies.

Mainstream investors buying small amounts with gift cards should be also very well informed/educated about the potential of technology crypto is utilizing.

Most importantly, is they have to understand that crypto is not a lottery to make money, it is a new financial / technological era that just has started.

That being said, we believe that offering more possibility of buying crypto especially with gift cards is a very good initiative to make the crypto space more accessible for everyone but this will be a long road of not only simplifying the means of buying but also educating people about the industry fundamentals.

Should I buy crypto with gift cards?

Many of us have a lots of unused gift cards that we bought or received it as gift, being able to exchange these gift cards into crypto is for sure a better plan than just keeping them unused.

If you really want to buy crypto and you are looking for the easiest way to do it, exchanging a gift card to crypto is the way to go. With initiatives like Crypto Voucher’s peer-to-peer marketplace you will find it easy and simple.

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