DEX Trading Volume Hits a Record High Ahead of GIBXchange Launch

GIBXchange adopts advanced technology and operating models to promote the development of the DEX ecosystem.

DEX has emerged as the most critical infrastructure in the DeFi world. The emergence of the automatic market maker (AMM) model has achieved explosive growth in DEX trading volume.

Although the DEX track has shown substantial growth capabilities in terms of data, it is currently based on the overall transaction volume scale.

Compared with indicators such as the number of active users, there is still a significant gap between CEX. The industry is still in the early stages of development, and the future is still promising.

As DEX heats up, the opportunities have been continuously expanded, mainly including spot goods, aggregates, and derivatives. In the overall market structure, spot DEX has shown a relatively noticeable head effect, and the trading volume is concentrated on a few platforms.

This year, the public exchange chain DEX project has suddenly emerged, represented by the DEX on HECO and BSC; the transaction volume and lock-up volume have quickly entered the upper and middle reaches of the industry.

The key to DEX’s success is to at least keep pace with centralized exchanges in terms of UI, UX, scalability, and efficiency, and these standards are difficult to implement in a decentralized environment.


The GIBXchange digital bank exchange adopts advanced technology and operating models to promote the development of the DEX ecosystem and provide users with greater control over their funds and assets.

At the same time, GIBXchange perfectly combines the substantial foreign exchange market with blockchain technology. It seizes the opportunity and introduces top resources, which will create millions of times the value.

“We believe that decentralized exchanges bring new hopes and possibilities and provide a trustless and transparent financial system. Without a central institution to custody funds, GIBXchange brings stronger asset control. We hope this can bring a new level of freedom to our communities. We will work closely with other projects and teams to promote the development of the entire ecosystem.”

With the mission and belief of allowing digital banks to benefit the world, GIBXchange has established unique clearing data centers in Australia, Singapore, the United States, New Zealand, and Japan, connecting the global backbone network and providing the best liquidity solutions in the financial market.

At present, GIBXchange has covered 20+ countries and 50+ resource institutions in close cooperation with high-quality buyers and sellers around the world. It has close cooperation with more than 50 mining pools/foundations/investment institutions in more than 20 countries worldwide to provide bulk matching and custody trading services!

And its world’s first foreign exchange hedge fund under the DeFi decentralized financial concept model, providing foreign exchange, futures, currency, digital currency, and over more than 200 K trading products, allowing customers to invest in as many types of financial products as possible through one account globally.

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