CrowdWiz Granted Estonian Crypto Licenses, Facilitating New Expansion

The move helps position CrowdWiz within Europe and allows the project to continue to grow and meet its goals.

Estonia has very quickly carved out a niche for leading the industry in blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation. A tiny country in terms of governance, Estonia been a leader and an example that others have followed, making the nation extremely enticing for setting up a cryptocurrency exchange.

Indeed, Estonia has also recently enacted legislation that provides specific licenses for fintech companies, specifically, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet services. This has helped insulate a nascent industry and assisted in its growth, leading to an uptick of licensing domestically.

CrowdWiz taking the next step with new licenses

This includes CrowdWiz, who recently obtained both virtual currency exchange and virtual currency wallet service licenses. The move helps position CrowdWiz within Europe and allows the project to continue to grow and meet its goals.

The Estonian cryptocurrency license authorizes business to offer crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat trading. By extension, its virtual currency wallet service allows for the provision of funds custody services, i.e. when a given company generates keys for clients or keeps clients’ encrypted keys.

The licensing move has been the result of increasing demand by WizExchange’s future users, many of whom have been waiting for such compliance. WizExchange is still in a development phase and the Beta product is slated for release during the latter stages of the year. Today’s granting of these new licenses will ultimately allow CrowdWiz to take the next step forward.

CrowdWiz operates as an innovative platform, with one simple goal – to liberate investing, whereby giving full control back in the hands of individual investors and cutting out third-party fund-management intermediaries. This has proven to be one of the main drivers of ICOs, though few projects have had much success until now in executing this.

The granting of Estonian cryptocurrency licenses is the latest move by CrowdWiz who successfully finalized its ICO project recently and is already in the process of moving forward toward strengthening its platform development. In recent months, CrowdWiz also gained immense popularity, a testament to its founders’ vision, with its WIZ token now available to investors and traders listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

What an Estonian license means for CrowdWiz

CrowdWiz operates as a game-changing platform, which offers unique investing concepts and trading possibilities. Participants in Wiz Tokens form a unified ecosystem, one that successfully democratizes and liberates individual investing activity by bestowing investing power back to actual investing individuals.

The biggest benefit to obtaining Estonian virtual currency exchange and virtual currency wallet service licenses will be its enhanced offering. As such, the regulation will allow for its product WizExchange to trade crypto for fiat currencies. The move is expected to be a game changer for the WizExchange platform, allowing for a much broader base of users.

Interested individuals in CrowdWiz and its platform are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the project and its roadmap by accessing the following link.

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