ABBC Foundation Giving Out 100 ABBC To People Downloading their Multi Crypto Wallet

The offer for 100 ABBC will take place between June 15 to July 14 for the first 500k users

ABBCFoundation has announced that their multi crypto HD wallet will be launching on 15th June which will last for almost a month. To commemorate this historic event, they will be giving away 100 ABBC coins to first 500,000 users who download the wallet from 15th June to 14th July.

This exclusive event was created due to the extensive response received from the publicand total amount of 50,000,000ABBC will be given out during this event. ABBC Foundation wishes to invite more people worldwide to be part of the rapidly growing community of ABBC Foundation.

Alibabacoin Foundation is organizing a one of its kind event that would mark the beginning of their highly functional Multi-crypto wallet. They invite anyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency and believes in its long-term future. The difference in this event compared to the other cryptocurrency airdrop is that users will receive 100ABBC for free just by downloading the highly functional wallet without any purchase.

This event will not only allow the users to know in detail about the multi crypto walletbut also encourage them to participate in the cryptocurrency world, at the same time being rewarded.

ABBC’s Multi Crypto Wallet will support up tomore than 10 types of cryptocurrencies including ABBC and Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Qtum, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash. It will work like a cryptocurrency changer that will enable the users to easily switch from one currency to another.

In future, this multi crypto HD wallet will be equipped with other features like facial recognition, pin codetransaction confirmation, crypto trading, online shopping mall andimmediatepaymentthrough crypto.

An introduction of the Multi Crypto Wallet, the wallet allows the users can have an overview of all the coins they’re holding and the balance associated with it, in one glance. Using the ‘Convert’ button, the user can convert the value of one coin to another in just one click. The integrated facial recognition feature makes this wallet ultra-secureand will be free from the inconvenience of loss of pin code.

Also, all the functions are developed using blockchain technology so that it will be completely free from the concern of personal information leakage. Further details on the said launching event website URL will be update soon on home page of

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