CheetahFIX and LSE Jointly Expand Trading Services Offering to Johannesburg Exchange

CheetahFIX, a services provider for South Africa, has linked with the London Stock Exchange in an expansionary move to help

cheetahCheetahFIX Limited, a services provider for South Africa and operator of the Orb Network has linked with the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in an expansionary move to help integrate its product and solutions suite for a rapidly growing African trading community, via a CheetahFIX statement.

Tapping a Bourgeoning South African Market

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CheetahFIX operates under the FIX industry protocol and has its roots in the fusion of two trading and technology companies in 2012. The latest move to help capture some of the services offered by the LSE represents another step towards reaping the potential of South Africa and the Johannesburg Exchange (JSE). Indeed, South Africa is a relative success story in terms of liquidity, derivatives and forex trading – over the past few years, the JSE has expanded its offering to several foreign exchange options.

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londonAmongst the most notable of benefits garnered from the partnership is the advent of LSEHub. Together with CheetahFIX, the LSEHub service provides efficient and concise connectivity to investment managers, brokers and execution venues. This ties in nicely to the CheetahFIX Orb Network, which also helps to streamline interactions and reduce the costs of electronic trading in South Africa. The primary goal is a symbiotic relationship between the London and Johannesburg locales, congruent in their aims to help foster trading volume growth across several asset classes.

More Integration on the Horizon Between Johannesburg and London?

jseAccording to Kevin Smith, Director at CheetahFIX Limited, in a statement on the partnership with the JSE, “Linking two vibrant trading communities such as these will meet our overarching aim of promoting liquidity and activity both in the London and Johannesburg market places, and further afield. This collaboration provides existing and new Orb members the ability to connect to hundreds of buy- and sell-side institutions in a reliable and cost effective manner. This is the latest in a series of planned cross connections to major worldwide networks, which will ensure the benefits of trading electronically, using the Orb network and the FIX messaging protocol in South Africa are fully developed.”

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