Azul Systems Enters Commercial Agreement With Push Technology For Data And Message Delivery

Azul Systems today announced that it is furthering its ventures into the low-latency trading arena by partnering with Push Technology

Azul Systems today announced that it has entered a commercial agreement with data distribution firm Push Technology in order to combine complementary products and technologies.

The Californian firm which has recently embarked on a series of partnerships intends, through this partnership, to provide financial services, gaming and data services companies that are dependent on accessing or distributing high frequency, real-time data with a high performance platform for delivering consistent and interactive client experiences that are independent of message size and data rates.

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According to Azul Systems, firms can replace their existing Java runtime environments with Zing, the firm’s low latency virtual machine runtime environment for trading systems.

The idea behind this is that systems are able to adapt rapidly to changing customer demand and behavior, instantaneously address changing market conditions and ultimately drive additional revenue.
Push Technology’s offering was designed to solve the complexity around data distribution, offering organizations intelligent delivery of real-time data to any device regardless of connectivity or location. Push Technology products reduce infrastructure requirements while delivering high performance and scalable services to any Internet connected device.

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Darach Ennis
Chief Scientist,
Push Technology

The combined solution delivers immediate performance benefits. Based on recent company benchmarks supporting 15,000 concurrent clients at 200 messages a second.

Darach Ennis, Chief Scientist at Push Technology explained: “From our testing, it was apparent that Zing shines by removing latency outliers and application delays from Diffusion’s real-time streaming workloads.”
“If you need guarantees of low to no JVM pauses then Zing absolutely delivers” concluded Mr. Ennis.

“We provide a fast, reliable and proven solution which ensures traders, brokers, online gaming companies and spread betting firms benefit from consistency and reliability of execution and improved service availability,” stated Scott Sellers, President and CEO of Azul Systems.

“With Zing the business value of your system is never put on hold. By combining Zing with Push Technology’s Diffusion, we can jointly deliver best-in-breed solutions to sectors where lowering latency and eliminating outliers improves business results.”

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