FX Strategists – FXCM is looking for YOU (Update: details and how to get started)

This is a release I just discovered and thought it would interest you guys. Apparently FXCM offers to help you

uncle-sam2This is a release I just discovered and thought it would interest you guys. Apparently FXCM offers to help you with developing your systems and strategies and potentially introduce you to capital. Why not?

FXCM is looking for traders and strategies from you, the programmer. If you are interested in being introduced to capital that is willing to trade on your strategy please contact the systems desk at fxcm, systemtrading@fxcm.com.

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FXCM can provide:

* Assistance in development of your strategies
* Tweaks to make your strategy work in multiple market conditions
* Capital introduction to profitable strategy developers
* Monitoring of strategies in real time
* Employment opportunities available for successful developers

What we need

* contact the systemtrading desk (systemtrading@fxcm.com) with an overview of your strategy
* be prepared to run your strategy on a demo account in real time
* supply a copy of an MetaTrader performance report
* supply a copy of your live trading returns (if available)

We are looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

No, we do not need your strategy code here, so its not required. We are just looking to assist traders with viable strategies with possible capital introduction.

Systems Desk, FXCM


You can find more details such as below here:

Details and Requirements of Program

So we have received a lot of responses and requests for additional information on the Straetgy Incubation Program.

Background:We have been developing strategies for quite some number of years. Our primary edge is in the development of strategies based on our proprietary sentiment indicators SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index).

We have successfully launch multi-million dollar retail funds and have funds running with institutional partners in the many millions of dollars.


Over the years, we have developed methods to identify edges that a strategy may have. Once the edge is proven (through returns), we have been able to introduce to do various forms of capital introduction.

The benefits of capital introduction are numerous but given our volume focus, the more a person traders the more profitable it is for us. The more profitable a trader is the larger we want them to become

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The goals are to leverage the community we have and develop those systematic traders that have the most merit. Trading strategies usually have defined conditions under which they perform. If we can help you identify those conditions then we just need to find asset allocators who are looking for pieces of the puzzle that match your strategy.

Given our success in raising institutional capital for our strategies we have developed a network of asset allocators who are always on the lookout for strategies that fit there requirements

Our goal is to incubate a small number of traders so that they can take advantage of the capital available for there straetgies by allowing us to help them.

How to Get Started

So the process that we need to start is fairly structured. Basically you complete a number of tasks associated with your strategy and we will then complete a number of steps to assist you in your development.

We get a large number of requests for us to review strategies so the only way for us to do this is to automate large parts of the process.

The 4 step process is:

Step 1) Open a MetaTrader demo account @ MetaTrader 4| Meta Trader – Forex Trading Platform

Step 2) Start running your strategy on the account

Step 3) Submit the account number of your account to systemtrading@fxcm.com

Step 4) Included with your account number we will need a brief overview of your trading idea. You can be as vague or specific as you like. Main idea here is to get a feel for your thinking

Notice at this point we have not asked for your strategy or your code. The main idea is to watch the trading and do some evaluation based on your explanation and our observations of the results.

Based on the above we will perform the following steps with you:

Step 1) Once we get the information you should chat briefly with someone on the desk regarding your profile

Step 2) Depending on how you strategy is hitting the market ie, Trade Duration, Trading Style and Frequency we will send you an overview of your pair selection and return stats

Step 3) We will go through these based on the above criteria with you to determine what type of fity you may be for the program

Expect these 3 steps to take anywhere from a couple of weeks out to a couple of months. It really depends on your style and strategy.

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