Leverate launches a new version of its Forex Brokers CRM

Forex Brokers CRM is a core issue for many small-mid brokers who on one hand are already big enough and

Forex Brokers CRM is a core issue for many small-mid brokers who on one hand are already big enough and need a CRM to manage their business but on the other hand are unable to fork out the costs required to develop their own. There are several developers who offer forex CRMs. Metaquotes with its TeamWox is one of them though it doesn’t have much traction.

Leverate, the Premium Broker Solutions Provider, is happy to announce the launch of its second version of the leading CRM system dedicated solely to Forex Brokers. This robust CRM system interconnects all aspects of client retention, from lead management to reporting and beyond, proving to be a powerful tool, allowing brokers to conduct all aspects of daily business from one central hub, while the system is fed automatically from all aspects of the business.

Leverate’s sophisticated CRM system integrates seamlessly with the current offering of trading platforms; the MT4 Client, the Web Trader and the Mobile Trader. Traders will have a shared wallet across all platforms, meaning they can use one username and password to access their trading accounts on any of the 3 platforms, while all of their information will simply appear as one account within the CRM, making client management easier and more efficient than ever before. Leverate’s VP of Sales, Juan Jutgla, explains how this tool positions Leverate’s clients at the forefront of the Forex industry.

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“We cannot mention enough the value this groundbreaking new tool will have on the operations of the brokerage firms we work with. We have no doubt that the Leverate CRM will drastically facilitate business management by integrating all the brokerage components. For the brokers we work with, it is a dream come true in managing their entire company’s sales and marketing operations with one user-friendly tool.”

Main Capabilities

The advanced CRM also saves the traders’ information upon account registration directly from affiliate campaigns and newsletters, as the system is integrated with the external affiliate management and mass mailer systems. When a trader registers for a demo or live account, the CRM automatically sends the trader his username and password to access his account. On the side of the broker, the sales agent and affiliate manager have the capability to know exactly which campaign leads come from due to the capability of the system to automatically update and organize this information. Once the trader registers for an account, the CRM also automatically updates the various trading platforms with new traders’ account details, deposit and bonus information and a new account is opened internally in the CRM. The trader can, now, begin trading instantly, without the need to wait, as in the past.

Whether deposits are made directly by the trader through the Forex broker’s website or if the agent chooses to deposit on behalf of the client using the Back Office, all transactions, both deposits and withdrawals, appear on the CRM and the MT4 trading platform. Additionally, all of the trading information and history from MT4 including open and closed positions and account balance is accessible through the CRM.

Every employee of a Leverate Private Label broker with authorization to access the CRM is given his own username and password, as well as permission settings, which dictates what information they can access. For instance, a Sales Manager can have all leads fed through to him, initially, and he can then choose to divide the various leads by feeding them to his sales and retention teams, while still being able to access the information, himself. This lead dispersion can also be set up to run automatically from the point of account opening. The permission settings also prevent others from accessing certain aspects of the traders’ information if they do not need it.

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The most beneficial and useful of the newest features of the CRM is the advanced reporting tool. Now, brokers can run reports to analyze campaigns, retention activity and sales activity in order to monitor employee performance and campaign success. Another valuable addition to the CRM is for compliance; brokers now have the possibility of having folders for the user profiles, which allow the upload and storing of documents, such as ID and utility bills for easy access in times of need.

With this simple and effective system, Leverate continues to enhance the capabilities of its Private Label solution while its clients continue to enjoy the finest quality trading products available in the market. Thanks to Leverate’s complete turnkey solution, it has never been easier to run your own, successful brokerage firm.

About Leverate

Leverate offers cutting-edge solutions powered by breakthrough technology. Leverate provides market players with trading tools and services such as full white label solutions, Liquidity Bridge, live feeds and web & mobile applications. Dozens of brokers around the world rely on our solutions and services to increase trading volumes, achieve maximum precision and accuracy with market feeds and prevent fraud. In line with our commitment to our growing customer base, Leverate continues to develop new solutions and innovative technologies that address evolving market trends and generate better value for our customers.

For more information or a trial demo of Leverate CRM, please contact us at http://www.leverate.com/About- Us/Contact-Us / skype: leverate.sales or call us at: +44-20-8816-8970


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