Gain Capital launches VT Trader

Gain Capital has finally completed the integration of VT Trader and will soon launch it. Gain Capital has acquired CMS

Gain Capital has finally completed the integration of VT Trader and will soon launch it. Gain Capital has acquired CMS Forex’s retail business and migrated all its clients to its proprietary platform and MT4. At the time CMS Forex’s clients trading on VT Trader platform have not been able to continue trading with Gain Capital as it wasn’t offering this platform. A fair amount of traders have commented on this blog and written to me to complain about the situation. Luckily this situation has been resolved fairly quickly and those accustomed to the VT Trader platform (which I personally like very much) can now resume their trading. These plans were also confirmed by Gain Capital’s CEO Glenn Stevens when I interviewed him right after the IPO.

I also managed to do a short Q&A with the folks at VT Trader. Below is also the official PR.

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Q. Who is VT and who owns it?

A. VT Trader is a proprietary FX trading client built exclusively for CMS. VT Trader is owned by VT Systems. VT Systems is an affiliate of CMS Forex.

Q. Who will own VT’s product after the launch with Gain – is Gain just leasing it or buying it altogether? Any details about the structure/costs/etc?

A. VT Trader is fully owned by VT Systems. CMS will be the sole company with the ability to use VT, and has the ability to provide the platform to its IBs and White Label partners. Gain has no ownership rights or lease of VT Trader.

Q. Will anyone else be offering VT’s product?

A.Only CMS and its partners, through an IB relationship with Gain, will be able to offer VT.

Q. Will VT partner/lease/sell its product to another software firm such as Metaquotes/ACT?

A. We will not rule out anything but there are no such plans at this time.

Q. Future development plans for the product and VT itself?

A. The primary focus of this upcoming VT Trader release is to function within Gain’s backend systems (liquidity, reporting databases, risk management systems, etc). Most functionality for the users will be the same. There have been some enhancements, such as the addition of over 100 built in trading systems. Now that CMS is acting as a Super-IB of, VT Systems can devote a greater percentage of resources to the continued development and innovation of VT Trader with a strong focus on improving the user experience.

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VT Trader™ to Return as a Live Trading Platform for Forex Traders

Visual Trading Systems, a leading forex technology provider, is pleased to announce the reintroduction of their flagship FX trading platform, VT Trader™2.0 for live trading. VT Trader will be powered by GAIN Capital, a global provider of online trading services and available exclusively to CMS Forex clients introduced to GAIN Capital.

As the first platform to offer the ability to trade directly from the charts, VT Trader has always been a pioneer of technological innovation in the FX space, and has long been a favorite platform of advanced technical traders.

“Through our relationship with, our clients will once again be able to utilize the VT Trader platform, with the added benefit of being able to leverage GAIN’s forex pricing and execution capabilities” said Eugene Hawkin, president and COO of CMS Forex. VT Trader will be available in the coming weeks at CMS Forex (

About VT Systems

Visual Trading Systems specializes in accommodating the information technology needs of the Forex trading industry. VT Systems’ trading platform, “VT Trader™2.0” provides cutting-edge trading systems technologies designed specifically for global business operations with powerful features and exciting possibilities for trading clients.

There are several dedicated Forex trading platform providers on the market today — none come close to the completeness of the feature-set offered by VT. Traders have access to the most feature-rich yet easy to use Forex trading software on the market, with over 120 built-in indicators, over 100 built in trading systems, real-time news, as well as powerful algorithmic trading features accessible via the custom trading systems or our advanced API programming interfaces.

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