Forex Tester releases new version – 2.5

Forex Tester, a forex software application that lets you test the water with your strategies in various environments, was now just upgraded

Forex Tester, a forex software application that lets you test the water with your strategies in various environments, was now just upgraded and first five lucky readers get this $150 worth software for FREE!

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About Forex Tester:

An easy-to-use application lets you prepare yourself for Forex market conditions by playing various market cases either in real time or at a modified speed level, giving you a chance to practice an unlimited number of trading strategies.

As always, Forex Tester Software is constantly improving its position within the trading market. We do our best by stimulating and assisting you to success! Forex Tester provides you with potentialities to profoundly expand your reasonable skill and knowledge without any loss of either your time or money!

Today, we present you with the release of the new version 2.5. Forex Tester is a professional software simulator of the Foreign Exchange Market. It lets you gain and improve trading skills. We tried hard in order to make this version maximum interesting and what is more important useful and reliable for you!

Compared with the previous versions, the extensive functionality of Forex Tester 2.5 has become more accessible and less complicated in use, even for the beginners. Forex Tester has been online since 2006 and is geared towards the development of your personal trading strategies as well as to monitor your success within a short period.

Here are several new and key features of the New Forex Tester 2.5:

1. The minimal lot size was reduced to 0.01.

2. Added export of results into Excel from:

– account history

– statistic windows

– strategy optimizer (Menu File)

3. Added 2 new parameters into the Statistic Window – numbers of consecutive profitable and loss trades.

4. Added fixed graphic scale option – when this option is enabled in the chart settings (with upper and lower prices set), the chart will not change its scale.

5. Added new price field in status bar, that will show the price unger the mouse cursor.

6. After the program restart, parameters from previous session will be restored in Market Order and Pending Order dialog windows.

7. Added small icons into the terminal window, to help separate orders.

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8. Added new functions to API:

– ObjectsTotal

– ObjectName

– iBarShift

– iHighest

– iLowest

– new external parameter type ot_Color

9. The buffers of indicators set in invisible colors will not be painted.

10. Fixed bug – line of period separators became thick if graphical objects were painted with thick lines.

11. Added shortcut for the switching of crosshair ‘CTRL+F’

12. After setting option “Bars over Indicators” all the objects will be painted under the bars, and will not hide them.

13. Corrected mistake in Strategy Optimizer. After the tick’s regeneration, the list of currencies did not update in the strategy settings.

14. After selecting the invisible color for buy/sell markers, they will not be painted.

15. Added new feature – default template (<Forex Tester>Templatesdefault.tem). On opening a new window this template will be applied to it automatically; you can overwrite this template with your own, and it will be applied to new charts.

We are constantly working on improving our product. ForexTester 2.5 aims to give the user the capability to create and modify individual methods of analysis of the market and make personal trade decisions in order to acquire the skills of a disciplined and professional trader.

Develop and modify your Strategic Business Thinking with ForexTester! With Forex Tester you save your money and time, acquiring skills you will be able to use in any other spheres of the market!

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