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Watch: How to Exploit Your Data with Online Audience-based Remarketing

"Remarketing by definition is not about the first click, it's about the follow-up clicks."

“People today over the web are overwhelmed with proposals and marketing promotions, they won’t spend time digging into your website if they don’t find things right away.”


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Technology today allows marketers to target very specific website audiences for remarketing, as opposed to general groups such as ‘all visitors’. This presents endless opportunities for those who understand how to use this technique.
Amir Yarkoni is the founder and CEO of Seperia. In this seminar he talked about this subject, and specifically about how both Google and facebook can be used to not only convert more visitors, but also to learn more about your online audience.

“We don’t want to show ‘how to trade’ to the people that are interested in the premium accounts.”

Amir begins the session with a brief outline of technical implementation of remarketing solutions; it is vital to have a tag management tool: “Whatever event is meaningful in terms of user interaction on your website, you want to create an event. Upon a user triggering such an event you want to shoot the relevant remarketing tags to the relevant lists.”

He discusses the different options available to companies.


He discusses how to create a ‘logical audience’. It’s vital to understand the different users that are active on a website, and Amir identifies various quantifiers, such as: users who clicked on ‘start trading’, users that clicked on ‘start trading’ and also stayed on the registration page for 30 seconds or more, beginners looking for information about how to trade, premium account users, clicks on trading indicators, those who started filling a form but did not complete- “…translate all these groups into different campaigns, each of them with targeted ads to those specific groups.”


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According to Amir, it should not be assumed that someone who clicked on ‘start trading’ is necessarily interested in becoming a customer. Hyper-segmentation means having a deeper understanding of the different users that are active on your website. Amir explains the importance of cross-referencing classification groups, as well as filtering out ‘random clickers’:

“Don’t just use the visit like people do right now, first filter out the random clickers- don’t waste your marketing dollars on those- and then, the people with real intent, segment them into different groups.”

He discusses the applications of facebook marketing:

“Why is faceboook such an amazing platform for remarketing? You are there all day, you are there when you’re at leisure, not in a hurry, and you’re susceptible to listening and receiving offers.”

And Google:

“If a user visits your site on mobile, and you run remarketing with Google, then Google can identify this user back on his desktop as well.”

Watch the embedded link to listen to Amir Yarkoni’s expertise in this field, including his advice on how to create a listening culture in an organisation, the conversion journey of the user, and the other points mentioned in this article in far more detail.
Over the next week we will be presenting a series of videos of the speeches and discussions featured at the London Summit 2015. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the summit, or did attend but missed out on a particular session, this is your chance to catch up.

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