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Roll Up Your Sleeves at a Finance Magnates London Summit Workshop

Gain insight from key professionals contributing their expertise and experience in the trading industry.

At the London Summit, attendees will take part in exhibitions, parties, keynote speeches, networking opportunities and an award ceremony. This may sound like a lot, but we at Finance Magnates want to pack even more into the event! And so at the London Summit 2015 we are hosting a series of workshops presented by people with invaluable experience of the industry. The workshops are guaranteed to be an educational experience, and we are proud to present you with the lineup of speakers here. Before you set out to learn more about the workshops, make sure to register to the event as the event draws near and places are running out.


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Howard Bick, Optimove Howard_Headshot_pic_blue

Howard Bick is the Director of New Business and Legal at Optimove, a customer retention platform which utilises predictive software to personalise advertising campaigns. He will be presenting the workshop ‘Retention Lab- Scientific Trader Marketing’, in which he will discuss techniques for extracting and utilising customer data, something which is extremely important for brokers in the forex industry. Optimove’s solutions play a key role in the forex industry, and this workshop promises to be very educational.


Nicc Lewis, Leveratenicc-lewis

B2C marketing is one of the vital pillars of success for a forex broker. The VP of Marketing at Leverate, Nicc Lewis, has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, operating at the highest levels in the companies where he has worked. He will be presenting a workshop entitled ‘Traders Who Convert Themselves’, where he will explain how to optimise conversion and retention.

Piotr Drzewiecki, XTBno_name-1

Eyeing a Warsaw IPO, XTB is a major European brokerage house, established in more than 15 countries in Europe. With over a decade of success, what better person than this company’s CEO to summarise the accumulated knowledge of so much experience and present it to you? Piotr Drzewieki will be giving the workshop ‘The Biggest Mistakes That Brokers Make and How To Avoid Them’.


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Andrew Ralich, oneZero


The FX landscape is constantly evolving, and for brokers, it is important to have a good understanding of all the options available to them regarding risk management, connectivity and aggregation. OneZero has an impressive track record developing low-latency software systems for the foreign exchange, commodities and futures markets. Andrew Ralich, the CEO and co-founder of OneZero and a long time Finance Magnates expert, will be running the workshop ‘Evaluating connectivity, risk and aggregation solutions in the evolving FX marketplace’.



Ran Cohen, Traders EducationRan-Speaker_pic-blue

Ran Cohen is the founder and CEO of Traders Education, a company that offers an education service by traders, for traders. It has a track record of innovation in this field, and has been shortlisted for a Finance Magnates Award for ‘Best Education Service Provider For Traders’. Ran will be presenting the workshop ‘How to Convert and Retain Retail Clients’, in which he will explain techniques that brokers can use to build a strategy that will lead them to financial success.


Solomon Amoako, SedoSolomon-Amoako-1

In today’s technology driven world, one’s domain name is an increasingly significant factor in the success of their business. Sedo is a domain marketplace, one of the largest in the world. Solomon Amoako, an executive of this company that has over $6 million of transaction volume a month, will run the workshop called ‘Choosing A High-Impact Domain – Key to Success’. He will discuss just how important domains are, and how to find one that is appropriate for your business.


Marco Baggioli, ADS Securities Marco-Baggioli-1

The world of trading was hit hard by the SNB crisis, and is even now still feeling the effects. Marco Baggioli is running the workshop ‘Integral Trading and Prime of Prime Principals’, which are two of the ways that the trading industry responded to the crisis. Marco is the Chief Operating Officer at ADS Securities, one of the companies shortlisted for the award of ‘Best Forex Broker’, a pedigree which guarantees an extremely enlightening and worthwhile session.

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