FXCM Reports Spreads, Execution Quality Metrics for July 2018

All in all, the company says over 89% of all client orders received positive or zero slippage.

FXCM Group has released a comprehensive execution quality report for the ‎one-month period ending on July 31, 2018. The company also ‎published spreads statics for the first half, detailing average ‎spreads throughout the six months to July on its trading accounts.‎

Slippage is the difference between the quoted prices and those at which the ‎client’s orders have been executed by the broker. The less slippage the ‎trader gets, the better his trading results will be. ‎

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According to figures stated in the report, the average spreads on the ‎EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/JPY and AUD/USD currency pairs were 0.2, 0.2, ‎‎0.6 and 0.3 pips respectively. For the SPX500, one of the most widely traded CFDs on indices, the ‎company averaged 0.3 pip ‏.‏

FXCM has also advertised its price improvements/slippage statics during H! 2018 which ‎showed the following highlights‏.‏

  • ‎ 63.91% of all orders received no slippage
  • 25.86% of all orders received positive slippage.
  • 10.24% of all orders received negative slippage.
  • 63.94% of all limit and limit entry orders received positive slippage.
  • 42.72% of all stop and stop entry orders received negative slippage.

All in all, over 89% of all orders received positive or zero slippage.

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Additionally, the online brokerage has disclosed its Effective Spread statics, ‎which displays its quoted spread for its top FX pairs, and compares ‎the figures with actual spreads, at which trades were already filled, with the ‎difference being displayed in a table key.‎

The following table shows the exact figures in July 2018:

Commenting on the findings, Brendan Callan, CEO of FXCM Group, said: ‎‎“In an effort to provide more customer focused metrics, FXCM will publish monthly execution statistics like speed of execution, slippage data, spreads and effective spreads. While the press release will highlight only a few pairs, we publish full statistics for all the instruments offered on our website which can be viewed at any time.”


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