Bitcoin Picks: OpenBazaar to Launch Beta, Banco Santander to Devise Bitcoin Strategy

With Bitcoin prices stabilizing around $500 in the final week of August, news about the digital currency this week include

dcWith Bitcoin prices stabilizing around $500 in the final week of August, news about the digital currency this week includes Santander devising a Bitcoin Strategy for banks and OpenBazaar launching their beta version of the P2P marketplace.

OpenBazaar: “We’re not Super Silk Road, just a better eBay”

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The beta version of OpenBazaar is planned for release this weekend. The software will create a purely P2P marketplace, where goods are sold solely with P2P currency, bitcoin.

It goes a step beyond the darknet, the former home of Silk Road, where users need to download specialized software in order to access sites. It is more comparable to Bittorrent, a P2P file sharing platform. Similarly, OpenBazaar is a P2P e-commerce platform that doesn’t involve any central servers. The software, along with a database of the marketplace, is downloaded to your computer.

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Posing as Anti-Western Attack Software, Kelihos Trojan Infects Your Computer, Steals Bitcoins

As reports of the Heartbleed bug still remaining a threat emerge, the pace of malware propagation affecting the Bitcoin world doesn’t seem to have slowed down.

Coindesk reports that Bitdefender Labs has analyzed a trojan called Kelihos that first poses as a program to help you attack Western governments, but instead attacks your computer.

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Six Months after Discovery, Heartbleed Bug Still a Threat

Talk of the Heartbleed bug these days is usually reserved for yesteryear’s memories, the threat long-forgotten and assumed outdated by our superior modern technology. However recent research, as discussed by Bloomberg, shows a very different story.

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Heartbleed was that memory handling flaw in OpenSSL software uncovered in April that allows small bits of data in each “heartbeat” to be revealed. This can give attackers with the right know-how access to secret keys protecting user names, passwords and other digital data. Once obtained, an attacker can hack deep into an enterprise’s network to cause even more damage. An estimated two-thirds of all websites were said to be vulnerable.

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Spain’s Banking Giant Santander Runs Challenge to Devise Bitcoin Strategy for Banks

The open innovation platform Yegii is running a challenge to “analyze the impact of Bitcoin on banks and devise a strategic course of action” on behalf of Banco Santander.

The banking group is the Eurozone’s largest by market value and one of the largest in the world. It is based in Spain with over 180,000 employees worldwide.

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Coinbase: Our Insurance Is Legit and Comprehensive

Coinbase has sought to reassure consumers that it provides real, comprehensive insurance on deposits, at no cost to the consumer.

They have actually done so for 9 months, but felt the need to reinforce this message once again in light of some of the spurious claims of insurance coverage recently advertised by other wallet providers.

Coinbase didn’t mention any by name, but both Circle and Xapo have come under recent fire after customers noticed that only $100 worth of deposits are covered by their said insurance, the provider of which still remains vague.

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