Shift Forex’s Anthony DiSanti Talks US, Latin American FX Growth

Forex Magnates checked in with Anthony DiSanti, Chief Marketing Officer at Shift Forex during a stateside visit to discuss the

anthonyForex Magnates checked in with Anthony DiSanti, Chief Marketing Officer at Shift Forex, during a stateside visit to discuss the group’s regional diversification and FX prospects in Latin America.

Mr. DiSanti has already ascended to the FX elite, having entered into the forex realm as recently as 2007 as the Vice President of Marketing Analytics at FXCM. In addition, he has also worked as the Director of Business Intelligence at Chloe + Isabel Inc., before becoming a Founding Partner at Shift Analytics in 2013. His full-length interview can be read below.

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1) What type of client requests are you guys receiving?

We work with a wide range of clients these days. When we first started, we were focused strictly on the retail side on the market because that’s where our experience was. My background specifically is from FXCM, having built their marketing analytics infrastructure. More recently, we have been involved in larger scale engagements with some larger brokers in the United States.

As our brand has grown and we have gained more experience in the industry, our target clients have evolved. Of course you have the retail brokers, everyone from the smaller brokers that we help launch to the largest brokers around. But now we also work with many of the vendors that sell into the market, including the startups that present at our ‘Innovators Inquisition’ during FXIC like CurrentDesk.

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We also work with a couple education vendors but our largest growth is coming from the institutional side of the market and helping large companies enter the FX space. NASDAQ is one of the biggest clients we’ve worked with recently – we helped them increase volumes in their FX options offering, capturing more of the FX market. In addition, many hedge funds are interested in FX market-making, so we have helped to develop a product offering and distribute that liquidity throughout the market.

Historically, we focused on project-based engagements, helping our clients achieve specific goals. As our network has expanded, we’ve seen many opportunities to connect people on all sides of the industry, culminating in our M&A business. On the marketing side, the most exciting opportunities are around FX market entry, though we continue to work with a variety of FX participants, managing their media or focusing on specific projects – analytics implementations, platform launches, regional expansion, etc.

2.) What is your interest in the US, or other regional markets?

The US market is always a focus, but the retail market here is highly consolidated so there are limited targets for consulting companies. We’re still excited about the US and there are some large players looking at the space. Phillip Futures just got their FDM approved, the first in the past seven years or so. We’ve done business with all the major brokers, and right now we’re very excited about emerging players, particularly in the institutional space.

Ultimately with the growth coming out of Southeast Asia and abroad, that’s where most of our clients are focused these days. We are helping some established brokers target Southeast Asia and Latin America – we see those as two really lucrative opportunities, emerging markets in the FX space that can drive dramatic growth.

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